How to treat nail fungus ?

How to treat nail fungus ?

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How to treat nail fungus?

Nail Fungus - quite a common disease, which is not easy to get rid of.Sometimes it requires an integrated approach that provides reception of special preparations.The following describes how to treat nail fungus.

How to recognize a nail fungus?

Mycosis - an infectious disease that can be picked up in public places.At the initial stage of the symptoms of this disease is quite difficult to recognize because they are similar to symptoms of other diseases.At first, athlete's foot does not manifest itself, but sometimes there is itching and burning, in rare cases, skin peeling.Typically, at this stage, no one thinks about what is necessary to treat the fungus and infection penetrates under the nail so that the nail plate to appear yellow spots.Then the nails begin to crumble, flake, and the surface becomes rough.In most cases, such defects are cut down and paint over than harm.But if you immediately seek medical advice and conduct research that could save their nails.

Principles fungus treatment

Some people believe that the treatment of athlete's foot is ineffective and does not give good results, in fact, they do not even hope for a cure.However, the latest tools to help cure nail fungus, returning to their original appearance.There are several methods of therapy, the purpose of which depends on the degree of spread of the disease.It is important to understand that quickly get rid of this scourge does not work, the treatment is long and can take up to 8 months.

If athlete's foot touched the fold of the nail, the infection can penetrate into the blood, and to destroy the infection completely, you need a lot of effort.For this reason, patients received drugs for oral administration.Moreover, the need to use antifungal ointments, lotions, paints, solutions, patches.In advanced cases of mycosis need to consult a dermatologist who will prescribe treatment.Independent action in this case will only aggravate the already dire situation.In some cases, surgical intervention is required in which the nail is removed.However, this method of treatment is rarely used.

If you managed to catch athlete's foot at the initial stage, the cure toe nail fungus will help you the following tools:

  • Fluconazole;
  • Diflucan;
  • Mikosist;
  • Flucostat;
  • ketoconazole;
  • Nizoral;
  • Fungavis;
  • Itraconazole;
  • Orungal;
  • Rumikoz;
  • Kanditral;
  • Itrazol;
  • Irunine;
  • Terbinafine;
  • Lamisil;
  • Ekzifin.

Traditional methods of fungus treatment

If you managed to catch the fungus in the early stages, you can try to get rid of it traditional methods.They are quite a lot, so you can choose for themselves a more gentle and comfortable.


When avium mug gives good results.You will need to take a fresh leaf, wrap it in a cloth, beat him with a hammer.Then take a sheet, wrap them and bandage the affected nails, make a compress for the night.After 3 weeks, all shall pass.

propolis tincture and iodine

Purchase at the pharmacy 20% alcohol tincture of propolis.Daily Dip a cotton swab and apply to the drug to the sick nails.Soon will come the affected nail and grow healthy.It can also be applied to the nail plate iodine.This should be done twice a day.After a few days you will feel a burning sensation: it is said that the treatment is progressing well.When the pain is unbearable, you can lubricate the nails iodine only 1 time per day.

Sea salt

To get rid of the fungus help salt baths.Do they need to be on for 15 minutes every day.It should also be after them to lubricate the juice of celandine nails.It will be possible to accelerate the process of treatment.Good help and rowan require stretch their leaves and apply the pulp on the affected area.

Prevention fungus

order not to suffer from nail fungus, it is important to follow a few rules:

  1. not wear someone else's shoes;
  2. Do not share personal hygiene items;
  3. Well wash your hands on arrival home, because public transport can catch athlete's foot;
  4. in saunas, baths, pools closed wear rubber slippers;
  5. Wear shoes at the beach;
  6. Wear cotton socks and change them every day;
  7. After a shower and a bath wipe dry feet.

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