How to build the biceps dumbbells ?

How to build the biceps dumbbells ?

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How to build biceps dumbbells?

Beautiful male figure - is, above all, a relief body with well-developed muscles of legs and arms,back, chest and press.Its creation requires regular strength training.Many men want to pump up the arms, especially the biceps.

Biceps - a double shoulder muscle located above the elbow.It is responsible for flexion of the elbow joint.To make this muscle bulk and beautiful, it is possible to train with weights.Correctly organize them to help coach, but if you do not have time and money to visit the gym and have a biceps impressive size you want, you just need to buy dumbbells and conduct training at home.

Exercises for the biceps with dumbbells

To pump up biceps dumbbells, you should regularly perform the following exercises:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.Dumbbells put in front of him on the floor, then bend your knees and with the breath, crouching, grab a dumbbell.With an exhalation, straighten them in their hands.Now, standing up straight, bend and unbend, slowly, hands in the elbow joints.The position at the peak muscle contraction, try to hold his hand for 1 second.
  2. Sit on a chair, his legs are brought together.Pick up a dumbbell and place them on your knees.Then, resting on the back of a chair, produce flexion and extension arms.
  3. Pick up a dumbbell, get up against the wall, leaning on her head and back.The legs should be slightly apart laterally and rest against the floor at a distance of 50 cm from the wall.With an exhalation, bend your elbows with dumbbells in hand, with the breath straighten your arms.
  4. Sit down and take a dumbbell in one hand.Bend your elbow and place it near the knee.With his free hand rests on the thigh of the other leg.Slowly bend and unbend the trainee's hand.Repeat the exercise with the other arm.

tips exercises with dumbbells

training effectiveness will depend on how well you do the exercises.A few tips to help you achieve a nice result:

  • Performing exercises standing, take a steady position of the body - feet a short distance apart, knees slightly bent, back and head straight, shoulder blade and pelvis laid back.
  • breathe correctly when doing exercise - with an exhalation lift the dumbbells up to lower the breath down.Breathing should be intense and powerful.Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth.
  • not make swaying movements.The elbow should not be picked up when the dumbbell to move up.All exercises are performed by working the biceps and other muscles in the arms.
  • Beginners recommended several approaches for 10-12 repetitions with breaks in one and a half minutes.After some time of regular exercise dumbbell weight can be gradually increased.shoulder muscles like a large number of repetitions with small breaks between sets.
  • exercises performed while sitting, are more isolated and reduce the load on the spine.
  • If you experience discomfort in the forearm during class, you must use elastic bandages.They are fixed around the hands and grab the base of the palms.In addition, the need to further train the forearms.
  • Classes for biceps with dumbbells should be regular.The load should be increased gradually to avoid injury, because the recovery of damaged muscles and ligaments may take more than one month.

We must remember that in order to achieve beautiful form, you also need to eat right.In addition, a large, beautiful and powerful hands will not be without a well-developed triceps.Exercises to train this muscle, you will find in the article How to build triceps dumbbell.

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