How to treat an ingrown nail ?

How to treat an ingrown nail ?

the treatment of any disease should be eliminated as the cause of occurrence and symptom of its occurrence.Ingrown nail - is defined as the process of growing into the nail plate in the skin folds.The disease occurs along with a very unpleasant and painful sensations.In this article, we will examine the question of how to treat an ingrown nail.Reliably informing you, we will help quickly and in a timely manner to solve the question of the proper use of the funds for the treatment of ingrown nail.

methods and methods of medical treatment

Perhaps ingrown nail problem, one of the very common diseases among fans wearing narrow shoes and nails cut short.All these sources of such a willful and pleasant conditions like ingrown nail.At first glance - it's harmless illness, but if you start this process, all go into a more serious problem.

Modern medicine offers a variety of methods for solving the problems associated with the pathology of the nail plate.During the reception, a doctor conducts processing and provides valuable recommendations for foot and nail care.If you're wondering what to do if the nail grows primarily refer to a specialized doctor.Conductive treatment doctor easily pick up for your nails as therapeutic agents, and effective means of medical cosmetics.

To start your doctor will assess the stage of the disease.Namely, how much the nail plate affected skin fold if there is bleeding, there pus in the focal areas is present.Today medicine offers the following kinds of treatment with regards to the issue than to treat ingrown nail:

  • Radio wave method (in the course of this method, the radiowave scalpel)
  • Laser (usually 2 times accelerates the healing of skin folds)
  • Surgical treatment of ingrownnail (procedure assumes 100% guaranteed to cure fingernail)

Ingrown nail is a very serious disease, the inflammation can spread to the bone, so that required amputation of a finger.Therefore, timely treatment is crucial.

Treatment of ingrown nail folk remedies

regain the aesthetics of the nail plate, it is possible, but you need to try hard.Man should initially try to recover and eliminate all those things that have served the cause of the disease.It is considered reasonable and productive national treatment of ingrown nail, which is quite capable to get rid of nail disease.

  • If the nail is not strongly rooted in the skin fold, the patient must cultivate a warm bath with a solution of potassium permanganate and baking soda for about 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times a day.Regularity is very important during these procedures.The probability of full recovery increases if you start the fight with the disease immediately.
  • It also happens that the coming and running position, that is, the nail grows into the skin tightly pleated.This situation leads to the appearance of pus, you must use a special ointment.Ointments and Vishnevsky Ihtiolka perfectly stretched pus, thereby preventing infection.In order to correctly apply the ointment to the damaged areas, apply ointment on the small piece of bandage, folded in several layers, applied to the painful area and wrap polyethylene.The bandage fixed if top to put on a sock and is located in a quiet position.
  • also recommended gadgets and useful pine oil to nail cutting.This oil acts miraculously on the nail, softening it and at the same time removing the inflammation.Try this a few days in a row.Recovery does not take long.Kombucha is also able to help in the treatment of ingrown nail.The fungus is necessary to stratify and attach a piece of the patient to the site, secure with a bandage.
  • One of the most effective tips traditional medicine - applying aloe to the damaged portion of the skin.Aloe attach to the place where the nail grown into the skin fold and tie up with a bandage.These dressings should be done on a regular basis until they are cured of the disease.
  • If pus in the affected area is not present, and the skin does not bleed, you can steam your feet in warm water and gently try to cut the ingrown nail.

Preventive measures

To prevent ingrown nail, it is necessary to adhere to simple but very important rules:

  • gently take care of your nails (the side edge of the nail susceptible to minor and accidental impacts in everyday life)
  • patient suggests that ifcut nails short rest pain and heal skin fold.This is a huge misconception patient can aggravate a situation where the use of folk remedies will not be effective.Do not cut the ingrown nail edge is even shorter, thus the contrary you provoke inflammation, as injure the nail shaft.Pedicure do accurately and painlessly.
  • Try to always wear shoes comfortable and spacious.Your feet should not be tired in the shoe, if so, to urgently replace it, health is more expensive to buy a new pair of shoes.Choose to store the shoes in which you have easy and comfortable when traveling, walk along the well-department store."His" shoes you always feel, it is not too tight, not compelled to feel on your feet.
  • sure to observe basic rules of personal hygiene.Make it a habit to wash your feet every night before going to bed.Use your own towel, in any case do not try on someone else's shoes.Choose shoes appropriate for each case, if this pool - that bring a shale, flip-flops etc.
  • At the first signs of ingrown nail take appropriate treatment measures to eliminate the disease.Do not tighten the process, do not wait until the disease will pass by itself.Be attentive to their health.

Now you know all about how to treat ingrown nail.This will help you quite independently take care of their nails, preventing the emergence of new hotbeds of ingrown nail.Nevertheless, we recommend to see a doctor, especially in the case of complications.Since the delay in medical treatment can lead to disastrous consequences.We wish you health and good luck!