How to build the biceps ?

How to build the biceps ?

This question is probably asking himself every beginner bodybuilder who seriously care about his looks, figure, the one who decided to create a attractive body.We will look at several ways to achieve the desired result.To achieve our goal, you will have to take their training very seriously and collected, the muscles are not so easy to pump.Our exercises to pump up your biceps will be very intense.It is important in this regard to do their training and morale.Remember that in order to achieve the goals you spend a lot of time, effort and patience, because if you believe the statistics, most of us want biceps volume of 45-55 centimeters.

Downloading biceps house

How to pump up your biceps at home?

Effectively you will be engaged if the maximum focus on the result.For the first time it is particularly difficult to get used to.Insistently advise to make yourself a notebook or notebook in which you need to keep statistics, make notes, and capture all sorts of changes or unusual things.For example, the weight is used, the number of repetitions and approaches.

Let me draw your attention to the fact that during the execution of an approach in any case can not allow sharp shots / weight jerks!Try to do the exercises slowly, it will exclude the most traumatic and increase the efficiency of muscle development.Safety must always observe and everywhere, especially if you do not know how to pump up your biceps at home.

Methods, how to pump up your biceps dumbbells

If you're wondering how to quickly pump up biceps, this path is for you.The course exercises below:

  • accepted a position lying (in any case not over the abdomen), and on an inclined plane, its role can play a bench.Track angle, preferably about 45 degrees to the horizontal.
  • hands fall down, relax.Naturally, already hold a dumbbell in them, grip - free, at your discretion.I note only one thing: if you select the grip, palms down, with nice biceps bleed the forearm.In general, it does not matter, hold the dumbbells as you feel comfortable, it does not matter.
  • Raise the dumbbells up, do it evenly (!) And smoothly as possible.
  • watch your neck - it must be pressed against the bench.
  • Same with the basin - pinned to the bench.This and the previous steps are used to control the work specific muscle groups, that is, do not give weight to overload the biceps to other parts of the body muscle groups.
  • The upper point of the trajectory of movement of dumbbells (at shoulder level) just begin to gradually give up the original position.
  • carry out the required number of repetitions.They tried to make the maximum number.

add a brief comment.Many pro bodybuilders at the top lift themselves further straining muscles.For the first time, I would not advise to do so, there is a risk of injury.And in general, limit the number of repetitions of your pain.Hands "ached" - it's time to stop, not all at once.

method, how to pump up your biceps barbell

Do not look for ways to pump up your biceps this week.Free cheese only in a mousetrap, remember.Let us turn to one of the most popular methods of pumping biceps - exercises with a barbell.

algorithm, how to pump up your biceps:

  • We hold the post for her neck with both hands grip the bottom, hands shoulder-width apart.
  • fix the back in upright position, this wall will usual.
  • pressed against the wall, along with the elbows pressed against the sides of the body.
  • strain your back as much as we can, and the most powerful force biceps begin to lift the weight up.Make sure that your body remains immobile and elbows - close to the body.It does not aim to raise the bar higher than allow your elbows, do not repeat the mistakes of others.
  • defined the upper point of the bar lifting, return it to its original position.At the same time see to it that the muscles were a little tense, do not let the arms hang freely over the bar.Breathing perform well: lifting - exhale, lowering - inhale.

Option how to pump up your biceps on the bar

Typically, a horizontal bar (or beam) is familiar to us from childhood.Almost everyone tried to catch up on it.And remember, as in physical education classes, we were forced to catch up?No, do not swear an evil fizruka, I had more in mind - just as we are forced to catch up?The normal grip, palms away from you.And everyone paid attention to the fact that the reverse grip to catch up a lot easier.It is not surprising, when reverse grip works the biceps, while the ordinary main burden falls on the triceps.What is important is that the reverse grip, we also train the forearms.

Read how to pump up your biceps on the bar correctly.The following information is very important!Well, we decided to grip - good.And what with the number of pull-ups?

us agree so, every day do at least three repetitions.Each repetition will consist of five approaches.To write out the beginning of the first week:

  • approach 1 - 7 pull-up approach
  • 2 - 5 pull-ups
  • approach 3 - 5 pull-ups
  • approach 4 - 3, pulling
  • 5 approach the final - 3 pull-ups.

Not much there for the newbies?No.Maybe the first day and seem difficult, it will be easier.Every week we add to each approach, and 1 pull-ups, no more.And after three or four months your biceps with forearms will delight you with its beauty.

How to build biceps push-ups?

"Everything is possible, that you can imagine," - said one of my favorite professors.Imagine also that the push-ups just to pump up your biceps.

The main difference from the classic push - hand position.If you look at push-ups on top of a person, in general, his posture resembles a cross, is not it?We are interested in pumping biceps, so little to break stereotypes.Place your hands along the body, that is, so that your elbows are slightly under your torso.Several awkward, I agree, but it's worth it.Of key importance in this case will have prozhima depth stoop so low as you can.

You can also watch the video how to pump up your biceps.This concludes the narration on how to pump up your biceps.In a healthy body healthy mind!Sports harden not only your body but also your character, because exercise regularly - arhityazhely work.

aware of the safety, and even - let the muscles relax, recover.At this time, the Cubs will take about two days.During this period, we recommend to eat food, abundant proteins.Observe sleep, at least 9 hours per day, the daily routine is very important for proper body pump.How to pump up your biceps?Just!