How to build a brush ?

How to build a brush ?

To start analyze such an important moment as preparation for the exercises, which further will be discussed.Warming up the brush is required in order to avoid unpleasant consequences: tension and overload.The essence of this workout is a dynamic movement of the wrists in opposite directions.But do not forget about the total body workout as the exercise involve other muscle groups.So, how to pump up the hands with a maximum result?The work is not complicated, but it requires perseverance, and above all systematic.

We are prepared for training.In searching for an answer as to pump up the muscles of the hand, help us "old friends", the list goes on.

horizontal bar pull-ups on the bar forming a powerful grip.During training on horizontal bar is the main burden falls on the hands.After a month or two hands transformed and visible results will appear in the aesthetic, attractive appearance of the hand.During pulling up on the bar, keep the palms facing yourself.Jerk in height can be performed at any speed, but the descent is best done slowly and exhale - muscle mass and stamina are increased just in this phase of the exercise.


Another great way to build strength and attractiveness to give their hands.But how to pump up the muscles of the hand and do not hurt yourself?First of all, when push-ups on fists distribute the load on the index and middle fingers.In no case do not expose reinforced load joints of the little finger and ring finger, as it is fraught with vision.For example, it is well known in our army and snipers so generally prohibits push-ups with their fists.


Pros: you can do on the job.

Cons: comprehensive training in the form of push-ups much more effective, since not only involve the arm muscles.

The following discussion focuses on how to pump up the brush during rest or my grandmother in the village.If you have a boat, each a fascinating journey, you can transform into an excellent workout.Rowing Sports will make your hands stronger and more beautiful, you can also use the simulators that simulate rowing, if you constantly live in the city.

Grandma asked to chop wood?Tell her thank you very much!This exercise not only forms the strength and endurance of hands, but also makes a sharp blow and heavy.By the way, the invincible Soviet boxers almost all came from the village.

And most importantly, thinking how to build up a brush, do not forget that the body requires a comprehensive development.