How to build one shoulder ?

How to build one shoulder ?

Broad shoulders are a symbol of male power, masculinity, reliability.In these lean shoulders dream most women, these are the shoulders, along with the narrow torso are considered mandatory feature beautiful male body.However, to become the owner of a beautiful broad shoulders, have coarse canvas of sweat in the gym with trainer.But sometimes such training does not provide satisfactory results, and men begin to wonder how to build one shoulder?Because at the same load, they for some reason are obtained by different.What can be done in this case?

Why one arm bigger than the other

Speaking scientifically, then pumping her shoulders, a person pumps deltoid and trapezius muscles, which are part of the shoulder girdle.With the help of different types of exercises practicing the above-mentioned group of muscles.And it is extremely important that at the same time ensures an even load on all parts of the muscles related to the shoulder girdle.In order to pump up one shoulder, you need to seek advice from his coach, perhaps you something is not doing the right thing, but if you exercise at home, you may need help following exercise.

is pumped by means of a shoulder rod

  • 1. Exercise should be pressing the barbell from the chest in a sitting position, as will be developed delta front shoulders.And to develop a small shoulder, you need to add him bench dumbbell.
  • 2. Exercise should be pulling rod to the chin.As a result, you will develop the front deltoid and trapezius muscles.The main burden should give it to the shoulder to "spool".

pumped up shoulders dumbbells

  • Exercise 1. It is necessary to carry out with dumbbells in front of synchronous and alternating swings hands.Because of this you will develop the front deltoids.
  • Exercise 2. It is necessary to breed in hand straightened arms with dumbbells.For smaller pumping shoulder should give him a double burden.
  • Exercise 3. It is necessary to swing the dumbbells lying on its side, and then again to give an additional burden for the smaller shoulder.
  • Exercise 4. It is necessary to raise the sides straightened arms with dumbbells in a tilted position, bending the knees up.

Any of the proposed exercise is required to perform on 4 approach, which includes the 6-8 repetitions.And for smaller shoulder the burden should be increased by 1.5 times.

also to pump up one shoulder can try pulling on the bar behind your head, so you also strengthen your shoulder muscles.If for you this load is too heavy, the exercise should be carried out as far as possible, so as not to end up in the hospital from the strain, and did not get an exemption from physical education, instead of body beauty.You should also do exercises on a regular basis, otherwise there will be no effect.

Now you know how to build one shoulder, and your body will look great, and no lady would not be able to pass you.