How to grow your nails in a day?

How to grow your nails in a day?

In the life of every modern girl or woman there are moments when for a few days (or even hours) it is necessary to prepare for the important events.As a rule, the fairer sex are able to quickly prepare a wardrobe, tidy hair, choose the right makeup.But one small detail is able to nullify all the efforts.So weak link are mostly nails.How to grow your nails in a day, and is it possible?

nails to not spoil the look, to think about their "glory" (in the words of the great poet) do not at the last moment, but permanently.

growing nails in a natural way for a long time: a week no more than 1-2 mm.Therefore nails grow for 2 days in any case will not work.What to do?There are several options.

fastest way

In fact, the quickest way - and he's the best: bring in proper form that has grown.Make manicure with bath for hands and nails.Remove cuticles, nail plate nail file handle, even if they sostrizheny "at the root."Then apply a flesh-colored or colorless nail polish.So the nails on one hand will get well-groomed appearance, but on the other - will not be too clearly evident.

disadvantage of this method, only one - the length of which, for whatever reason can not make a mistress nails.Then we move on to the second method.

Resort to disguise

easiest way - to disguise their own failed claws using artificial nails.To do this, you need to buy these nails (made of plastic or nylon) and special glue.Previously, in any case, their native nails must be put in order: delete lacquer manicure.

To carry out the entire operation should be dry hands.First billet expanded in order.Then, for every drop of glue applied and spread over the entire surface.Then the plate is pressed against the nail, and excess glue removed immediately.Upon completion of the new procedures nails varnished.


Still, the beauty industry is not standing still.Enough for a long time already figured out how to grow your nails in a day.And more precisely to increase with the help of acrylate: acrylic mass or gel.What you need to do?

Buy a special set for nail.It includes forms (plastic templates) and gel.The surface of the nails need to be polished, to put on the form.First, the gel layer applied is dried under a lamp and then the procedure is repeated 2-3 times until the gel does not uniformly cover the nail.After that shot patterns and the shape of the nail is brought nail file.Then, the varnish is applied.

correct way to

last option - the most correct.It implies a permanent nail care with the use of special tools.Such preparations can now be bought in pharmacies and cosmetics stores.There is a means for brittle, soft nails, to accelerate their growth.

In addition, to help the whole arsenal of methods of home.Remarkably promotes the growth of the nails of fingers massage that increases blood flow to the nail plate.

well strengthen and nourish the nails bath with sea salt or oil with vitamins A, E, and lemon juice.

For treatment of weak natural nails using melted wax.It lowered the fingertips, and then into cold water.On the fingers form a "thimble", which should be left for the night (to put x / cotton gloves).

can make cream polish of melted cocoa butter, olive oil and almond oil with vitamins A and E. Rubbing a cream into the nails, you can significantly accelerate their growth.

As you can see, the nails grow for a couple of days only with the help of extensions.However, there are lots of ways to make your nails healthy and strong, and to accelerate their growth.