How to build a hand?

How to build a hand?

All people there is a slight asymmetry in the structure of the muscles of the left and right parts of the body.And because the parameters, including arm muscles may be slightly different.However, after the injury, when engaging in certain types of sports, and in some other cases, the difference in muscle size can be quite substantial.Fix this imperfection is possible by means of regular training and properly aligned.


loads Contrary to popular belief, pumped muscles purposefully only one hand can not.In this case, you are breaking technique exercises and create preconditions for the emergence of injuries.

muscle tone and strength to meet the specific load.Align each other muscles on the right and left hands can only be subject to a uniform training.Otherwise, during the course will give a stronger strain already weak hand and simultaneously load dodadite strong hand.

extremely important during exercise to monitor the state of the body - the slope, for example, rods, one of the parties will only provoke further increase in asymmetry.So train yourself always either in the mirror or in the presence of a coach or a friend, who will be able to follow the proper technique.

By the way, in those sports that involve intense pressure only on the one hand (eg, shot put) it is very important to focus on comprehensive training for both hands.Otherwise, over time, the disproportion between the muscles of the upper extremities can become critical.

Additional approaches for the weak hands

If the size of the muscles are very different, in this case more quickly inflate one hand help to additional approaches.Perform one by one, up to two additional courses of exercises on a weakened hand, but only after a uniform basic course of exercises for both (!) Will certainly be made.

to load on his hand, which the muscles require increased exposure, you can use:

  • Press of dumbbells lying.To do this, you take in each hand a dumbbell to achieve body balance, go and do press a predetermined amount of time with only one hand.
  • push-ups on one hand.
  • Bending hands with dumbbells on incline bench, isolating the biceps and help reduce the risk of housing in the bench dumbbell.
  • Bending one arm with dumbbell in a sitting position with the palm of the other hand on his knee.

can perform any other activities that you find suitable for yourself.

regular training

pumping muscle, and the more the process of aligning their long enough, especially if we are talking about a significant run-up in the parameters.Therefore for effective results require regular, frequent exercise in moderation.Engage at least 2, preferably 3 times per week.

Record readings to see how changing the size of the muscles.Note that in the solution may take several months.