How to cure nail biting ?

How to cure nail biting ?

reason for this phenomenon may be the stress at home, in kindergarten, or low self-esteem.Dissatisfaction with his personality provokes the appearance of biting himself.And when a child sees bitten, disfigured nails, his self-esteem gets even lower, and he starts to do it again, with a vengeance.So there is a vicious circle.In children, as well as nail biting adults usually observed increased anxiety.

Kotuchit child biting his nails: recommendations

Often, in the period from 2.5 to 3.5 years, when in the midst of the crisis three years, the child belongs to the prohibitions do not like that the parents wish.And the reason is not to harm the child's nature, and that children of all ages have a sense of pride and self-esteem.Because of these two factors, a baby can not agree with their parents, especially if it consistently show that it makes little or no right, and forbid him to do so.

negative parental emotions towards the child, causing an even greater wave of protest.If the parents persist, he will cry, to laugh, to indulge, to hide, but to persevere to do exactly what I do not like the parents as long as he himself is not a bother.

Before deciding how to wean a child biting his nails, you need to understand it, what exactly is the cause of this behavior.And, of course, parents need to start with yourself, because the situation in the house plays a major role in how a child feels comfortable.If possible, it is necessary to eliminate all the causes that can cause increased anxiety of the child.

Then, you need to pay attention to kindergarten or school, it is better to identify the problematic situation in which turned out to be a child, before they develop into complexes.

accustomed to beauty

One of the options of how to wean biting his nails - a children's manicure, that is, you need to teach a child to care for their nails to be beautiful, then, it is unlikely that it will have a desire to spoil them.

change habits for good bad

To do this, you need to find something that will resemble the negative process, but do not have a negative impact at the same time.For example, in order to solve the problem of how to wean a child biting his nails, you can use the seeds.In addition, this product is useful, it calms the nerves, thanks to the monotonous movement of the jaws.That is, it is necessary that the baby was with them the seeds constantly.

  • As soon as he wants to chew nails, the person who is next to him, should switch it to tasty seeds.Over time, the child will appreciate that small nucleoli, much tastier than the dirty nails.Thus, the habit will be replaced by a more secure and useful habit.
  • A time to wean the baby from seeds, you can switch his attention to another innocent fascination, for example, small candied.
  • Over time, the child lost all habit is something to pull in the mouth.

creativity and physical activity - the best medicine

violence and punishment can not be forced to get rid of a bad habit, it is better to use a change of motivation that will carry the creative seed.For example, the child bites his nails when nervous or when his bully boys on the street, or in school, not in front of your favorite lesson.In this case, the best option - to send the child to a dance or in the sports section.When you need to perform complex steps, or to repel a counter-punch, out to bite your nails, just do not have time.

Disbursed exercise will not only strengthen the little man's body, but will help to understand that the body control, it is much nicer than chewing your own nails.Let on top, section and will not cause much enthusiasm, but over time, the child himself would be happy to do it.

If parents do not want to or do not have such a possibility, it will suit any creative activity: drawing, embroidery, molded from clay.

The main advantage of the change of motivation, you need to show your child that to create something new, unusual, interesting, than to engage in their own nails.