How to build one wing ?

How to build one wing ?

male figure, has experienced numerous exercises on the horizontal bar, always attracts attention.The first thing to look that the girl - it's back.That she must hit the weaker sex its massiveness.To the summer would not be ashamed to flaunt tight clothing around the city, you need to prepare your body for a hot season in the winter.Wings can be pumped, either together or separately, the result will not change.So, let's look at how to build one wing.

First of all, it should be noted that the independent work at inflated muscles requires a lot of self-discipline and self-organization.If you can not control yourself, you had better not undertake it.The first results you can feel not earlier than one month of work, so hope that your wing will rise tomorrow, it is not necessary.

pumping methods

wing is worth noting that the wing - it is the most difficult place to pump.There are several ways to pump up.Let's look at them a little more.

  • Inflate wing of the house.This exercise is based on the common in bodybuilding circles, push-ups.It looks like a simple push-ups, but at the same time greatly differ from him.Push-ups should be on the one hand, and to fall slightly below the stops.It is much more difficult, but the effect will be noticeable much earlier.If you want to increase the burden, the legs can throw on a chair or sofa.
  • Inflate the wing loads.How to build one wing, if the house is not suitable for this cargo?Dumbbells are not necessary in order to pump up the wing.As goods can build your own bags, which will be located inside the sand.Collect necessary for weight exercises you can use with a few bags of the experiment.Once the desired weight is collected, you can proceed directly to the very exercise.After you will take a comfortable and stable position, you can start to make traction dumbbell tilt.The best result is achieved with a right angle.Starting position - arm with a load below.Now slowly begin to raise your hand and take it to the side.Try to take it as widely as possible.In no case do not bend the elbow.Repeat this exercise 30 times.It can be divided into three 10-fold approach.
  • Inflate the wing to the bar street.The best simulator for the wings - a horizontal bar.Fulfilling a certain combination of exercises with one hand, it can be a month to achieve incredible results.However, it is important not peretruzhdaetsya as if you stretch the muscles on one hand after his first training session, you will have a long time to forget about exercises on the horizontal bar.Pulling and spinning on one hand, on the lower horizontal bar, you not only do powerful his wing, but at the same time and strengthen all muscles of the hand.Thus, a class on the bar is doubly useful.

Thus, we reviewed the main points of how to build one wing.It is advisable to perform a set of exercises is to fully prepare your body for the summer.Because, if you download one wing, then the rest of the body on the background will look ridiculous.Remember that the main thing in the classroom - it is willpower.Good luck in the exercises!