How to build the shoulders ?

How to build the shoulders ?

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How to build shoulders?

shoulders are just one part of the body, which requires a special exercise.In order to learn how to pump up his shoulders, you have to learn a lot of different physical systems and execute them all carefully and perfectly.Only proper training will give real results.

Almost all the exercises on the shoulders can be divided into certain groups:

  1. Jima, or the so-called basic exercises for the shoulder material.
  2. mahi, which are intended for the development of the target muscle.

each said group is divided into its own unique sub:

  1. Jima.
    • Presses standing and sitting.
    • Presses, which are carried out due to the head or to the chest in a sitting and standing position.
    • Presses dumbbells and barbells (also can be performed as in a sitting or standing up).
    • Presses on special simulators.
  2. Mahi Mahi
    • using barbells, dumbbells, and in front of the blocks.In such exercises especially strongly developed front delts.
    • Mahi using lifting dumbbells, blocks through various aspects in a sitting and standing position.
    • Mahi for the development of deltas back.They are performed by dilution of dumbbells or a bloc.

Often workout for the shoulders begin with heavy presses.muscle fatigue should achieve after such exercises.This action is performed by securing the training in the form of strides.Carrying out training in this scheme, you will ensure yourself:

  1. greatest amount of power for the most demanding workouts.
  2. Safety training.

To avoid injury, should be reduced to an insignificant weight, especially when you finish the exercise "Mahi".

How quickly pump up shoulders

Shoulders can pump a variety of ways.We will learn how to pump up his shoulders dumbbells, and you learn how to pump up his shoulders push-ups.If you do not have enough time to visit the gym - do not despair.You can easily pump up his shoulders on the bar or even use special drills and pump house shoulders.How?Read more.

exercises with barbell

  • First, let's look at a fairly popular exercise called "military press".With this exercise you can easily pump up front and lateral deltoids.This exercise is desirable to carry standing.To begin workouts take a respective position - arch your back, grasp the direct grip of the bar, keep your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.Then gently lower the elbows down, the bar should be at the level of the clavicles.Hold the legs in parallel.Next, lift the barbell above his head and completely straighten your elbows.Lower the bar to the starting position.Try to look straight ahead and lift up his head.
  • After the "army regime" can do and zhimami rod because of the head.With this exercise, you can also engage in both sitting and standing.With this exercise, you can develop and front deltoids.A little pumped and triceps.These exercises are quite dangerous for the joints, so do not perform bench presses because of the head first, so to speak "without heating".To perform the exercises take a sitting position.Grasp the barbell straight grip.Make sure that your forearms are parallel to each other.They also have to be perpendicular.Watch out for his head.It should be straight and not bend.Straighten your body, arch your lower back.Slowly lower the barbell neck, focusing on the upper part of the trapezius muscle.After the adoption of the respective positions can begin the exercise itself.To do this, lift the barbell above his head, completely straighten your elbows.Next - just slowly lower the bar to the starting position.
  • Quite useful exercise is to pull the rod to the chin using a narrow grip.This exercise is carried out only in the standing position.Regularly performing thrust rod to the chin using a narrow grip, you pump up trapezius muscles and front deltoids.The wider the grip you take, the greater the load Exposure of muscle delta.At the beginning of the exercise, stand with a barbell, hold the upper grip.The distance between the first and second hand should be about 10 inches.At the beginning of the bar must be lowered in front of you.Next, pull the bar up until such time as the neck will not appear next to the chin.Keep an eye on your back, it should be straight, elbows also try to bring forward.After reaching the highest point - lower the bar to the starting position.This exercise is one of the most favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger.

exercises with dumbbells

In order to pump up the broad shoulders, perfect various exercises with dumbbells.

We'll start with a dumbbell bench press.With this exercise, you can quickly develop a front and side deltoid muscles.Range of exercise is increased by the fact that the dumbbells are used.To perform this exercise, take a dumbbell with the help of the upper grip, hold them at shoulder height, arms should be bent.Continue to raise the dumbbells until they come in contact, and then - dip as low as possible.

Now we consider breeding hands, using dumbbells.In a similar exercise, you will develop a head of the deltoid muscle.When you make sure that your body does not wobble.Start with the fact that, take a dumbbell in your hands.Next, bend forward, stretch your arms forward omitted.Each repetition perform with a clear stop.Raise the dumbbells above shoulder after - immerse them down smoothly.

In order to properly inflate the shoulders, be sure to explore alternate ups of hands with dumbbells in front of you.This exercise will help pump up the front of the head of the deltoid muscle.Trapezoid at the top of the load also is exposed.These upgrades will be required only for those people who do not perform bench presses barbell from the chest.To begin the exercise, stand up and lower the arms with dumbbells.The hands should go along the trunk.Pick up a dumbbell above your head (with the help of movements along the arc).In order to shift the burden to the deltoid muscle, take care to have a dumbbell in front of your face.

Other ways to pump up the muscles of the shoulders

order to become the owner of the broad and strong shoulders can be used and other training.For example, you can resort to regular exercises on the horizontal bar.Ups, pull-ups, revolutions - these exercises to quickly strengthen not only the shoulders, but the whole body.Equally effective is the home and exercise.Conventional push-ups and exercises can also bear fruit.The main thing - Train correctly and regularly.To determine as to which training needs for you, you can see the video, how to pump up his shoulders.Be healthy and strong!