How to build your back at home?

How to build your back at home?

Each of us at some point thinks about his physical condition and bringing his body into line with the ideals of beauty and health.Someone in the event of such thoughts first of all looking for information on pricing and conditions, local gyms, others find alternative sports, others decide to start training yourself.It is for the latter, we offer information on how to pump up back at home in the bracing framework program of physical activity.

It is known that muscle mass back is very large, and its pumping requires some attention.The muscle of the body frame originally designed for movement in different planes, and each muscle group is responsible for a certain kind of movement - knowing this correspondence, it is possible to understand exactly how to pump back into the home and develop a series of exercises to pump the individual muscle groups.

So, we are interested in a way to pump back home - hence, with a minimum set of equipment that is easy to purchase or build.Ideally, pet training, we need a horizontal bar and not heavy dumbbells or kettlebells.

First of all, it should be borne in mind that a regular basis - based on the results.Even a novice you must train at least once in two days, becausethis period is considered optimal for relaxation and muscle recovery.You should start with the short workouts with minor loads, in order to avoid excessive stress and fatigue.


worth master superset (doing two exercises in a row without a break) of the following exercises: abduction hands with dumbbells in the slope and pull-ups.As is known, when working on a set of masses should be performed 3 sets of 8-10 times, in this case, do the following scheme: superset - 30-60 seconds of rest - superset.

Lead hands with dumbbells in the slope

Starting position: sitting, feet together, torso tilted to the full touch thighs breasts, a dumbbell in each hand.Execution: breed hand in hand with a mixing blade - back to its original position.

: In progress slowly, smoothly, without jerks, exhale on effort (at the top).


Starting position: holding on to the crossbar direct grip, hands slightly wider than shoulder width, legs slightly bent at the knees.

Execution: Bend your elbows are drawn chin up to the bar, keeping the blade - back to its original position.

Recommendations are bringing your elbows to the body, exhale on effort (at the top).

Taking this superset of the base, you can gradually expand the workout by adding more exercises such as pull the dumbbell to the stomach, thrust dumbbells to your chin, retraction of hands with dumbbells in the slope (standing), shrugs with dumbbells, pull-reverse grip, pulloversdumbbells, etc.- Instructions for completing these and other exercises can be found on specialized sites.When you exercise careful technique, breathing and load matching your needs.

deciding to engage in close formation muscle relief, pay attention to the general state of the organism before the start of training, and consult with a specialist if necessary.Nicely, first of all, a healthy body - it should be remembered constantly, harmoniously developing organism towards an ideal form.