How to do a power outlet ?

How to do a power outlet ?

Most beginners believes that before learning to do a power outlet, you first need some special training program.But it is much easier just to know and apply the technique, reinforcing major muscle groups, and gradually prepare them to enter the horizontal bar.


  1. Before making a power outlet, you must learn how to catch up.If to this you have a problem, you should start with push-ups, which should be done for 3-4 sets the maximum number of times.For example, in the first approach, you wring out 20 times, then the 2nd you approach 18 must be made, and in the 3rd - 16 and so forth.Besides push-ups you can use a dumbbell of average weight, chest, shoulder and carpal expanders - initially all means are good.
  2. Getting pullups.This requires that this exercise 30 to 60 minutes a day.Activity can be broken into several pieces.For example, to catch up in the morning, afternoon and evening on the maximum number of times.We recommend that once a week to make a ladder - to catch up first once, then twice, then three and so on.The main muscle growth occurs between workouts, so after every 3-4 days training is necessary to make a break for one day.
  3. Once you learn to catch up at least 10 times, begin to learn to throw a hand on the bar, that is to do "box."Before you make a power outlet, you must learn how to make out, both on the left and right hand.
  4. parallel output on each hand should be given attention and time in the usual pull-ups, and pull-ups to his chest.
  5. result of all your efforts first "clumsy" way out on both hands can come in one day.In the future, we can already improve the yield of narrow, wide and reverse grip.


  • Always warm up before exercise - 10-15 minute jog, jumping squats, etc.
  • For convenience, the horizontal bar, you can wrap the tape.
  • If you are staying in the amount of pull-ups, it speaks of the body fatigue.To further progress, we recommend exploring the week of workouts.