How to grow wings?

How to grow wings?

sports such as bodybuilding and fitness, are firmly in our daily life.Today, many young people go to gyms, fitness or on the bar to have a beautiful embossed shape.At some point, some athletes are beginning to think about how to pump up and make some beautiful muscles.For example, many are popular question of how to grow "wings".Wings - it is the latissimus dorsi, which under strong development did back broad and would like, so to speak, on the wings.

consider further how to build the wings on the bar.

How to build the wings on the bar quickly

There are several types of pull-ups on the bar, which will help pump up its wings quickly and correctly:

  • Pulling up to the average grip.The grip should be slightly more than shoulder level, and when pulling the blade should be kept together, straining thereby mainly back muscles;
  • Pulling wide grip.Perform this exercise can be the same as the previous one, but the grip is much wider than shoulder width, or you can catch up with the bar behind your head, shoulders touching his head.

also for successful pumping wings should carry out the following tips

  • Before starting training always do the workout to warm up your muscles.Of a cold muscles can lead to significant injury;
  • number of pull-ups does not matter if you're doing the exercise correctly.In the first place should always be quality performance;
  • Do not arch your back while doing the exercises, otherwise it is possible to pull the back muscles;
  • Shoulders need to relax so that they were not raised during tightening;
  • not make many stops and relaxation at the bottom or top of the horizontal bar;
  • Do not talk the body from side to side.

After a month of training you will begin to notice yourself how your back grow wings and become more if you exercise regularly, at least three times a week.However, it is also important not to forget to eat right and develop other muscles.

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