How to make yourself run?

How to make yourself run?

There comes a time, and some of us have come to believe that it is time to get better, slimmer, healthier.And often a tool for achieving this goal is selected run.First, we are starting to actively, then the fuse falls down, and run no longer want.But the main way how to make yourself run, is the right motivation.Select a stimulus that is right for you, and start your new, sporting life.


Sometimes very efficiently run company.For some people the opportunity to have a colleague, even in such a case is invaluable.Therefore, if you treat them - be sure to take a companion.Moreover, it is not necessarily a person, you can get a dog.To walk with the doggie on a daily basis, do not need special incentives.Going out with him, you can make and run.

If you still decide to run with a neighbor, you agree with him that morning output is required, despite the excuses.Often people, encouraging each other, achieve significant results.

How to make yourself run, if the company has not been found?Try to do it, where you can meet other fans of racing - at the stadium or at a nearby park.After talking with them, looking at their work, you also get a charge of enthusiasm.Sometimes, on the basis of common interests, people come together, begin to communicate and even meet their fate.


For some, especially for women, a strong incentive is a good outfit.Buy a high-quality clothing for jogging.Tracksuit, t-shirt with a bright print, so you can wear a jacket only when cool.Of particular importance is good shoes.Experts insist that the run on asphalt dangerous for the joints.Offset, or simply reduce the damage, you can use running shoes for running.

Great would be if you just think about their clothes for jogging at different times of the year.So how to make yourself run in cold weather complicated, warm sweatshirt or hoodie to help cope with laziness.It is important not to feel discomfort from awkward jackets, because it can affect your decision jogging.Pick and underwear, which must also comply with the time.There are special bras for sports briefs.All this should be sewn from fabric that breathes, preferably natural.

Since appropriate equipment will not get you free money can be paid for good clothes and shoes, can also serve as an incentive to continue studies.

Well, if you'll have to imagine all sorts of gadgets to help count steps, calories lost and the number of heart beats.Headphones with your favorite music will do, unless you prefer to run alone.

time runs

essential and time for the run.Some people just can not get up in the morning in order to run somewhere and do something.They need time out to enjoy a coffee and cheer.For them jogging as torture, so it is not surprising that such a man refuses to useful physical training very quickly.Before you think about how to make yourself run, decide when you will be more comfortable to start jogging.It is important to take into account employment, and other factors.

Do not run after eating, before going to bed.Also, do not count your run so that afterwards you plan a meal.Tired body would take a snack from all that is possible, and you will receive, as a result, the extra weight.