How to do gymnastics ?

How to do gymnastics ?

Every girl and woman always dreams of a slender figure and pull.Some have resorted to this useless diets are only harmful to health, others start going to the gym and pump yourself unnecessary muscle mass.But doctors confidently assert that need to just make a home gym.Yes, that's home.To maintain the shape, you do not necessarily go to expensive studio.Doing exercises at home, you save time and money the most important thing - you're working on is not just physical, but also moral.After all, the stimulus - I want to, not because "the money paid", as is usually the case.But how to do gymnastics?

preparation for classes

Gymnastics is now fashionable to call in different words: fitness, pilates, aerobics, but in fact this is all there is gymnastics.If you like to do with objects, you can buy a hula-hoop or dumbbells.They will help you develop better in the classroom.

First of all, you can buy an ordinary inexpensive book with pictures of exercises.It is good enough to be seen posing for employment.Another option - is to buy a CD with lessons of gymnastics.Buying a book or a disc, you choose the most suitable option for you.The next step - is the choice of a suitable sports suit.Not necessarily a special very expensive suit.You can wear cotton leggings, tight-fitting T-shirt.It is important to buy socks.

If you'll engage in exercises to stretch, it is very important that your muscles always remain warm up.To do this, choose high socks that will cover the leg above the knee.Engage can in socks or ballet flats.Hair knit back into a high ponytail, so that they do not interfere with you during your workout.These first tips will help you understand how to do gymnastics.

How to learn to do exercises at home

Now that your costume is ready, pick the right music.If you practice yoga, or little traffic, it is better to choose the relaxing music.This may be the noise of the sea or the sounds of the forest.But if you are planning a dynamic class, choose a quick, active and stimulating music.Set the search engine of the Internet "Music for the sport," and you will be picked up already finished music collection.

now proceed to the exercises.First select some light exercise.Combine exercise with the standing exercises lying down.Select at least three groups for each exercise muscles and increasing the amount of problematic body.This may be the abdomen or thigh.

If you are short of breath during exercise, this means that you have abnormal breathing.Remember that in the effort we must always exhale air.For example, you lift straight legs from the supine position.When you pick them up, you have to breathe, and when down - inhale air.It's very simple, just do not rush when performing exercises.This will only cause it to lose the rhythm of breathing and can not achieve the desired results.Do the exercises slowly, as if sinking.

most simple set of exercises that can be performed in a day, it is:

  • step in place,
  • show of hands,
  • swings his arms and legs,
  • squats,
  • lifting feet from a prone position,
  • lifting bodyfrom a prone position,
  • stretching.

All these exercises should be performed with increasing degree of load.You start with five actions into one approach.And to further increase the number of pure actions and approaches.

Breathing exercises

How do breathing exercises?Breathing exercises you can do at work, using his break.Such exercises must deal not less than 10 minutes, two or three times a day.

first exercise

This exercise is done at a slow pace.First, we breathe in thoughts count to five, then held his breath for five seconds, and exhale as counting to five.

second exercise

Breathing heavily plunging stomach.Then, slowly, with difficulty to produce choppy air through tightly clenched lips small pieces.Just to take a breath should relax and stretch the abdominal muscles.20, it is desirable to do once a day.