How to learn to run?

How to learn to run?

summer, many girls and guys decide to go jogging.This is not surprising.While running, running almost all the body's muscles, burns huge amounts of subcutaneous fat.Running causes the body to tone and helps maintain a slim figure.In addition, daily jog in the morning or in the evening - this is a real prevention of cardiovascular disease and heart training.If you have finally decided to engage in this sport, you should learn how to learn how to run.

How to learn to run correctly

First, decide where you want to run: are comfortable jogging, or you prefer to warm up before going to bed.

Second, choose the right clothes for jogging.It should not be too warm so as not to become hot, especially in cold weather.It is better to choose cotton clothing.It is well passes air to the body and prevents overheating.It should be seriously to the choice of footwear.Buy shoes well-known company specializing in sewing shoes for athletes.These shoes are designed for running and while running properly stabilize the foot.

Thirdly, never do not run on an empty stomach or immediately after meals.Eat a handful of nuts before jogging or apple.But drinking during the run required.Best mineral water.

Fourth, jogging is better to choose parks.It is the ideal place where the air is clean, and the little people.

Fifth, learn to run sure to mash the body before jogging.Remember, as we did in the physical education classes at school: start with the head and go down.Circular rotation of the head, hands rotation, tilts back and forth and left and right, circular rotation of the pelvis.Pay special attention to the feet.Take a few lunges forward and to the side, squat.Choose a warm-up for these exercises that will warm the muscles as much as possible.Mash?You can go directly to the running.

Do not overload your body in the first few days: alternate walking with jogging, first for 30 seconds, then increasing the time.15-20 minutes of training in the first week is enough.

Do not forget to keep track of your body while running.In case of shortness of breath or pain in the side of give yourself a break.

Breathing during a run should be smooth.While running, the body needs a lot more oxygen than at rest.If you are uncomfortable to breathe through the nose, mouth breathing.But keep in mind that the breath should be the same length as the exhale.

To learn more about how to learn how to run properly, you can read the article "How to run" on our website.

How to learn to run fast

If you want to learn how to run fast, remember: on the running speed affect the frequency and stride length.Therefore, to increase your speed, you need to increase your stride length and frequency.This will help to selected exercises:

  1. running down the hill.Try to do this exercise on a slope (30-50 meters), or on the stairs.Focus on horse races and repulsion toes.Do 10 sets with breaks per minute.
  2. Jumping from squat.Starting position: feet shoulder width, thigh parallel to the ground.Keep your hands behind your head, fingers in the lock.Start driving with the highest possible and a sharp jump upward.After landing, take the starting position and repeat the exercise immediately.Perform each exercise 10 times.
  3. Jumping from a lunge.Start with a lunge: pull one leg forward and the other pull back.Both Toes should be pointing forward the front leg is almost fully extended.Using the back foot calf muscles, dramatically push off the front foot.While in the air, swap legs.To land in a lunge and repeat the jump.Perform each exercise 10 times.
  4. Power vertical jumps on two feet.Feet shoulder width apart place.Perform a quick movement and jump as high as possible.Hands at the same time vigorously throw up and stretch as high as possible.Repeat the exercise 10 times.

No wonder they say that the movement - that's life.As part of the lifestyle of modern man is sedentary.So rather pumped into an active player favorite music, bring your girlfriend or boyfriend, and run in the park.How to learn how to run without any harm to your body, now you know.Prolongs his life, strengthen health and, of course, have more positive emotions.Good luck!