Which muscles are working when running ?

Which muscles are working when running ?

Often, people who want to strengthen your muscles, improve your health and postroynet forget about the most simple, and the inexpensive way to do it - on the run.Some go to drag "iron", who is engaged in the house or the swimming pool.Of course, all these methods are good but running - more efficient and suitable for almost everyone.Here are many of the question, what muscles are working when running?After all, everyone wants to get in the end, sports and harmonious figure.

overall picture

Running - an excellent and very powerful way to become a healthier and more sports.It strengthens almost all the leg muscles (calf, thigh).Therefore, those who want to strengthen the legs and create an elegant their relief, it can go jogging.Very productive work your abdominal muscles.About them not recall during the run, but in vain.Tummy tightened.Muscles that work when running it and arm muscles.Contrary to the belief of many - they also work while running.A man had to keep his balance, to maintain coordination and assistance is invaluable hands.

correct running - that is, the uniform load is not too heavy for a novice, massages and strengthens the heart muscle.Our main motor undergoes a natural and very useful load, which is beneficial for overall health.In fact, the heart muscle - the main muscles that work when running.The vessels will say "thank you" to you after two weeks of regular jogging.

Trains and develops respiratory system.Often, beginners can not run continuously not so much because of the fatigue of the leg muscles, but because of the loss of respiratory rhythm.Whoever runs, he starts to choke, and goes a step to regain his breath.

What you should know necessarily

  • muscles working while running, do not become bulkier, it should be known by all.Some are trying to build the missing amount.Some, on the contrary, refuse employment, worried that the legs will be like a football player.Although initially, the leg muscles may increase slightly.This is a temporary phenomenon, shortly legs will decrease in volume, and quite rapidly.
  • Running uphill is effective and burns more calories.However, this mode does not actually allow loading hamstring.But the front will train completely.Therefore, running uphill should not be abused, if you want to distribute the load evenly.Regular jogging on a flat surface, provides optimum load on the hamstring.
  • Running is very convenient for those who want to develop further.That is, in order to prepare the body for power loads, enough to start with small runs.Thus, you will create good conditions for further development of the muscles.There
  • and cons of running.Sometimes there is an excessive stress on the joints.Especially affected are people with a weight of more than eighty kilograms.So do not give yourself the maximum tasks at once, as this can lead to more serious complications than overweight.