How to learn to do a somersault ?

How to learn to do a somersault ?

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How to learn to do a somersault?

Thinking about how to learn to do a somersault forward or backward, especially pay attention to proper safety.And in any case, do not make the first attempt in the life of a somersault on a flat, hard surface.In the best case, it will block the desire to experiment further, at worst - would have to lie down for a couple of weeks in a hospital bed.So, how to quickly learn how to do a somersault right?

How to learn to do a somersault forward

First, learn to fall correctly.If it happens in the gym, it facilitates the situation.Just put some mats on the floor, climb up on a goat, or horse.And to make the first jump.At the same time all the beginners one mistake: even before the push, they bend the body downwards.This can not be done.Push off from the projectile and tilt housing as low as possible to the ground, it is necessary at the same time.The difference should be only a few milliseconds.

Second, the landing is better to focus on his side, right or left, it's like someone friendly.Neck also need to tuck in the chosen direction - left or right.In this case, the worst thing that can happen - this little stretch.Never press down the chin parallel to the breast - this can cause rupture or displacement of vertebrae!The fact that the whole mass will be on the neck in this position.And, if the head and the body will be turned slightly sideways, the injuries can be avoided.You just turn over on his side with a strong impact.

Third, horse or goat better not to put too high.Exception - the first few workouts, 2-4.

And do not forget the standard warm-up.It will also help prevent injuries, and a rush of blood to the brain and increased ventilation in the lungs will improve your reaction.

Once it became clear that the horse is not necessary to go to training in a standing position.But only land on mats.By the way, the perfect tool and help in training will cushion the bridge.This was in every school and was made most often from old skis.After already go to a running somersault.

main thing - it gradually.Everything will be but not immediately.Looking for your efforts and training.

How to learn to do a back flip

to hone back flips need the same device as in the first case.Only training will take longer.The most important thing - is to prepare the spine.If you lean forward to the ground, you can not do - nothing to talk about.For the preparation we need to learn to do ordinary wrestling bridge.First, from a prone position, then from a standing position.You can achieve excellent results in a week.Again, the main thing - gradually.And then proceed to jump from a height, but not very big.

Just before jumping importantly - a good swing arms.Hands need to take as far as possible from him back at the bottom and sharply over the head to take them back again.The greater the jerk, the better you'll land on your feet.

only carefully examine the space for themselves, not to fly beyond the mat and hit his head on the floor.

On the first couple of body better take a little sideways.And when it experiences, this approach can not be used.

How to learn to do a somersault?The video will be quite superfluous.Explore exemplary coordination athlete on the video, but remember before his record, he painstakingly trained.So do not tear into battle immediately - preparation and training again.

How to learn to do a somersault Arab

Before doing somersaults Arab, you need to master a familiar exercise "wheel".Only after you've honed it to perfection, we can talk further.The idea is easily performed by the wheel itself will tell all Arab gesture flip, because in fact it is the peak of the progress of the exercise.

in Arabic flips need to land on half-bent legs, so they definitely will not hurt.

First of all get used to the movement.That is better to just help yourself by hand.And if the first dozen times she will be irreplaceable, then later in the progress you will be able to insure themselves only slightly.

also very important push.In the first classes with repulsion better to turn the body in the direction of torsion during the run-up to the 4-6 steps.

Grouping and muscle memory is very important in this business, so better to train on the mats and in the gym.

details on how to do a back flip, see the article How to learn to back flip