When run better?

When run better?

available every sport - running.You do not need any special device, enough suitable footwear, apparel and desires.Anyone who decides to run, and any other activities, have to know that the human physiological functions are different throughout the day, the so-called biorhythm.Perhaps on a subconscious level, people are thinking about when to run, what time is the most suitable for this type of sport.Let's find out.

The best time to run

In fact, the answer to this question is clearly all possible.This is due to the fact that the body - too complex organization to be the same at all.Everyone has their own characteristics, their strengths and weaknesses, their health and especially their goals.

When to run the morning or in the evening?In general, it is believed that the human physical performance (in terms of load endurance, to which refers running) reaches its peak from 10 to 12 pm and from 17 to 19 pm.Probably most readers were upset, because this time, as a rule, or still working.But should not get upset, we're told that this is only generalized information.In fact, running supporters in the mornings and the evenings quite a lot, and everyone can easily call arguments when it is better to run the morning or in the evening.Conclusion: guided by the signals of your body.When you run better?Try to run in the morning and evening.Listen to the body and focusing on its signals, select the time for the run.

Why we recommend to do so?The fact that no physical activity and would not be beneficial effect if it is a burden to the body.Imagine that you love to sleep, that is, belong to the so-called "owls", but you said that it is necessary to run in the morning.You get up early in the morning, broken, sleepy, run ... While running dream of a comfortable bed, the body is asleep ... The result?No effect, the brain sends signals to the muscles of the desire to sleep, slowed down the process.Similarly, for the "Lark".We decided to run in the evening, when the forces they have almost gone.The result is the same.

Again all examples.Maybe "lark" will run well in the evening (too late), and "owl" in the morning.

Listening to your body, choose a time and run with pleasure, most importantly, follow the basic rules.

Running with the use of: the rules

You have chosen a time when it is best to run you.Now it is important to adhere to this time.This is the first rule - to run in the same time.For what?The fact is that the body adapts and gets used to the load.After some time, he was already beginning preliminary preparation before training, which greatly improves the results.

daily jogging - an ideal workout.Well, if you have the opportunity to run not just in one and the same time, but do it every day.

to run have to be suitable clothing and footwear.

If you are a beginner, start slowly.Let it be first 10-minute run, then - 15 minutes, 20, 25, etc.But it is necessary to increase the load.Again, listen to the body, on which you load comfortably.You should exercise at the end of a pleasant experience fatigue.There must be sweltering tired and should not be such that you do not get tired, then there is no sense running.Sensing that the load is not enough - add.

during severe colds should not be run.

few words about when to run, if you want to lose weight.It is considered the best time - morning, because after a night of glycogen in the liver and in the muscles is reduced (before breakfast, of course), and therefore, the energy expended in the exercises from fat.After jogging for weight loss once it is better not to eat.Relax, have a drink of water.After - protein food.