How to learn to do the splits ?

How to learn to do the splits ?

Twine - the dream of many athletes, dancers and people who are fond of sports.Sometimes 2 types of twine: longitudinal and transverse.Longitudinal do better.If you once sat on it, the muscle stretching will keep for years to come.On the cross it's different.It sports twine.Once you stop regularly, the muscles lose this stretch.

We sit down on a twine

There is nothing complicated to learn to do the splits.The most important thing - it is the regularity of training and patience.As for the longitudinal and transverse twine suitable static and dynamic stretching exercises.

Dynamic exercises:

  • Standing at the horizontal bar (or other handholds), mahi doing one leg straight back.We try to keep the pace is relaxed and mahi done quickly.Please do from side to side, facing the horizontal bar, and then turn around and wave foot sideways back and forth;
  • Departing from the horizontal bar, continue to do swings sideways.Mahi thus made slowly with your back straight and the body;
  • Make rolls on bent legs from side to side.Back we try not to tilt forward.

Static exercise:

  • set aside one foot forward and maximize squander down.The body is flat, hands on waist.hind leg foot is on the floor and pointing to the side.Foot (back) try to straighten the knee.We remain in this position for at least 30 seconds.It can be a little wiggle up and down, crouching lower and lower.Then change legs.Once the muscles become accustomed to this type of load, this exercise can be added to stretch the front legs.So we just entering the train longitudinal twine.This position is necessary to insure his sides hands.
  • We arrange the most widely legs apart and remain in this position with your back straight.Stops are not "are leaving" in hand.The position should be stable.We remain in this position for at least 30 seconds.Then you can slowly start to bend with your back straight to the ground.
  • Legs reserve in the position described above.Cant, twist at the waist and puts his hand to the opposition of the foot.The free hand pull up and look at arm's length.After 30 seconds in this position change side tilting.

To achieve the effect without harming the body workout is best to alternate with rest.3-4 times a week are drawn, maintaining muscle tone, even 1 per week you can make a high-quality training with a long stretch.And 1-2 days full rest from training.

Contra twine

Before you learn how to do the splits, make sure that it will not contraindicated.People who have muscle injuries, vascular diseases, cardiovascular, inflammation, hernia, arthritis, arthritis, back problems, any stretching is contraindicated.It is best to exercise before starting to consult a doctor.

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