How to learn to back flip ?

How to learn to back flip ?

back flip - it is spectacular and beautiful acrobatic element.Of all the flip option is considered the easiest.We'll tell you in detail about how to learn to do a back flip.


most important when performing acrobatic jumps - it's strictly observe safety precautions.No matter how beautiful they may be jumping, they are not worth your health.In no case do not perform their first somersault on a solid surface.It is best to go to the gym, where there are soft mats.In the early stages even next to you is someone: a friend, a coach, a parent.If necessary, he will assist you.

Running backflip

, we must prepare to learn how to do a back flip.First of all, mash, do some preliminary exercises.Jump up from the squat, fully straightening the body.In the second exercise, you also need to jump up, but with the group.Jump up and push your knees high up to his stomach.

  1. , do the following to perform a back flip directly: stand up straight, bend your legs slightly, slightly lean forward, hands lower down.You need the most strongly repelled from the ground, helping himself with his hands.
  2. Strong push off, take a sharp swing arms up.A powerful wave of the hand - this is the most important factor in the performance of the stunt.So if you have weak muscles of the arms, it is necessary to train them.
  3. Once you jump up, let down your head back.It should remain in this position until the end of the jump.Otherwise, you risk losing your balance.You can not turn a blind eye, look straight ahead during a jump - so you better control their position relative to the ground.
  4. Once you have a split second to go up in the air, begin to cluster and curl back.To do this, press the legs to the torso and hold their hands.Do not press your chin to your knees, or jump speed may decrease and you fall, do not screw the flip.
  5. When your body will be parallel to the ground, begin to ungroup.Remember that you need to land only on bent legs.If you land on a straight, you risk damaging the knee joints.

Train and you will learn how to do a back flip perfectly.

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