How to remove the "ears " on the hips ?

ears on top that's not so bad, but the "ears" on the thighs for every woman catastrophe.Well, of course, if she cares about herself, her figure and appearance in general.There are those nasty "ears" on the side of the thigh sedentary and sedentary lifestyle, misuse of power and a sad coincidence, are inherited.How to remove the "ears" on the thighs, which are not decorated female figure and do not allow to wear fashionable clothes attractive.

Causes "earsĀ»

If the "ears" have awarded Mother Nature or the great-grandmother, then there's nothing you can do about it.No, of course, put up with this lawlessness is not necessary and must be constantly doing physical exercise and engage in careful selection of clothing that will hide this shortcoming.

And, behold, if the "ears" on the hips are increasing day by day and the reason for it - laziness, overeating and simply indifferent to his once slim figure.Many thin women wrongly think, considering that the "ears" they will not get any.Alas, the fat on both sides of the hips may appear plump and women and those who are not the pomp forms differ.

exercises against the "ears" on the thighs

Get rid of the "ears" on the thighs help active exercise.These include flapping feet, and simple squats.But you need to squat so that the heel is not fixed on the floor, lower back was caved in, and buttocks retracted.You can still do poluprisedaniya, bending the knees and spreading them apart simultaneously.During poluprisedany monitor to the body was a straight line.Only with proper execution of exercises will be the effect, as they say, on the thighs.

sure to disappear "ears" on the thighs.Exercises should be done not from case to case, and on a regular basis.You can also fork out a quality concussor for problem areas on areas of the body.Practice constant morning and evening runs, which are excellent strengthen the muscles and calves, thighs and buttocks.

Massage against the "earsĀ»

few words about the miraculous power of massage, which is also aimed at the fight against fatty deposits in the most attractive part of the female body - the buttocks and thighs.It must prodelyvat once within ten days - in late spring and autumn.

Popular nowadays Callanetics and Pilates program is as good in the fight against "ears" on the thighs.First, these studies have few contraindications, and secondly, they are spared the cardiovascular system during exercise on the muscles.

struggle with "ears" in the gym

Pool and gym came up with wise and far-sighted people.After all, they knew that the time would come when the get rid of the "ears" on the thighs will want all the women of the universe.Is not it all is?Well, if so, go-ka is in such sports centers and safely give into the hands of experienced coaches and instructors.They know the exercises from the "ears" on the thighs and happy to share with you the secret of perfect ideal female figure.

Practice shows that only about 15 minutes a day of physical exercise, can dramatically change the shape of the buttocks and thighs to make elastic women without insidious "ears."Engage need at least a month, then the effect will amaze even the most doubting.

According to statistics, men at the sight of a woman often draw attention to the hips and buttocks form.Of course, everything else is the same escapes the gaze of connoisseurs of beauty, but the "ears" very few people inspires.And, above all, they should annoy the girls themselves, because only then will want to get rid of them quickly.Many people know that patience and a little effort, but against "the lugs on the hips" more and exercise will help.Good luck and eternal harmony of you, girl!