How to get your hands on ?

How to get your hands on ?

question that worries many physically developed people - how to learn to stand on his hands.On the principle of strengthening the muscular system of the body by retaining many of the exercises are based in a certain posture.One of them - a handstand.

This skill will not only further develop body muscles, but also to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases (eg varicose veins), even helps with insomnia and asthma.

But some health problems, this exercise is not only not benefit, but harm.Precautions need to try to take a stand when problems with pressure (hypotension and hypertension), sinusitis and otitis media.

might need

In the first times the ideal would be to have a number of the other person for a safety net, but also practice just next to the wall, the bed on the floor mat or blanket, to minimize the risk of injury.It would be great if he insures you know how to get your hands on.A person who does not have the acrobatic training, make a stand the first time will be quite problematic.Remember that you must always keep your back straight, avoiding bending at the waist, otherwise the load on the spine will be too strong.Consider how best to group on failure - perhaps the best solution would be to stand on the bridge or "land" on the heel to absorb the fall.

Steps in the exercise

  1. first kneel, hook hands in the lock, put your elbows on the mat.Put your head between your palms.Then slowly lift your knees and quietly, without haste Tread small steps towards the head back and forth.
  2. The next step will be to involve an assistant (the insurer).At that moment, when it is clear that the burden on the hands and head is quite acceptable, try to lift up one leg.Let the assistant standing next to and help avoid a bad fall.Now getting into the act abdominal muscles, if they are not strong enough, will have to work on them.Do not forget the back!
  3. When, finally, handstand turned out, do not try to stand for more than 15 seconds - at least the first few attempts.Out of the rack should be carefully without making any sudden movements, lowering the legs alternately.Head up the lift with caution.According to the rules, it would be good to hold it a little bowed down (about a minute), and then gently straighten.
  4. clear that the train will have daily.Of course, the duration of pre-training is individual, but in any case, after some time, the implementation of racks color will occur without the aid of the wall, and the need for an assistant disappear.

ability to stand on their hands not innate.Results can be achieved with daily training arm muscles and press.If the muscles are strong, coordination of movements is well developed and there are no contraindications above, the question of how to get your hands on, will no longer arise.