How to set up internet on Windows?

How to set up internet on Windows?

Before you configure the Internet on Windows, you must first determine which system you want to do it.The fact that configure the Internet connection on Windows XP and Windows 7 are slightly different.We will start with the old, proven time XP.

How to configure the Internet on Windows XP

In the simplest cases, it usually looks like this: go to the "Start" menu (on the left in the lower right corner on the desktop the panel) and select "Control Panel."They are looking for "Network Connections" (all icons are usually in alphabetical order, unless you specify otherwise), go back and select the "Create a new connection" in the menu on the left.The "New Connection Wizard", which will help you set up the network.Click "Next", then in the next menu, select the top item - "Connect to the Internet" and then "Next".The next menu item we need an average titled "Set up my connection manually" - select it and again click "Next".Now, depending on what type of broadband connection you are using, you select an item with a login and password, or a constant high-speed connection (depending on the connection environment that you have probably said ISP).As usual - "Next", fill in the service provider's name (this information is longer need you not to get lost, if the provider is not one), and in the next window, enter the username, password, specified in the contract, and confirm password.In columns "Use the following user name and password" and "Make this the default connection" put the check and click "Next".Add a connection shortcut on your desktop and click on "Finish".Now, to connect to the Internet, you will need to click on "Connect" and for the convenience of leaving the checkbox in the "Save username and password".

Connection Properties Windows XP

no secret that the vast majority of Russian users in large cities are located on the Internet, via a high-speed LAN connection.In order to properly configure it, sometimes you want to select specific settings.In "Network Connections", locate the shortcut to your broadband connection and clicking the right mouse button, select "Properties".Next, select "Protocol Version 4" and set up, indicating the data provider informed you by clicking below on the "Properties" item.There are two options: either you can get the IP-address and DNS-server automatically, if possible.If not, then you need to drive data on the IP-address, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS preferred by requesting them from the provider.After you enter them, your Internet connection should work (see the icon on the desktop panel - Monitors should glow blue at a time).

How to configure the Internet on Windows 7

In "Seven" set up a connection to the Internet are hidden somewhat trickier (at least, I did not find it necessary to me "Protocol Version 4").However, nothing complicated setting up there either.We start as usual with the "Start" menu, then "Control Panel", and then - "Network and Internet".In this menu, we need to select "View network status and tasks" and then "Network control center".Here, finally, we got to the main menu, which is necessary for us to establish new connections, or to adjust the existing ones.

We need now to set up a new connection.Choose "Set up a new connection" and then "Connect to the Internet" (if you have a local area network), VPN-connection (Virtual Private Network) or "Dial-up" (if you are using a dial-up modem).Suppose we choose "Connect to the Internet."A window will open where you need to click on the item "Manage network connections", and then select the desired network connection to us, click on it twice LMB (left mouse button), and the information window will open.Here we click on "Properties" and select "Protocol Version 4", which is set up in the same way as in XP, that is, click "Install", and then get automatically or trying to drive a manual IP-address, information about the main gateway, masksubnet and DNS prefer and click "OK".That's it, the connection is made.

How to configure the Internet on Windows 7 - Features

Some providers use the VPN-connection with login and password.To install it, you need the menu "Set up a new connection" select "the VPN-connection" and follow the instructions of the installer, and then enter the information requested by the operator username and password.In the case of the VPN-connection data on Internet Protocol version 4 is usually obtained automatically, if you set the checkbox in the "Save username and password" that is recommended.I was faced with a similar problem, since I had two internet connection for my laptop.When I'm at home, then I go out to the Internet via VPN settings, when I go to another city to stay with relatives, then there using conventional high-speed "Internet connection".In the first case, to enter all the data in the menu "Protocol Version 4", simply click on the "Get IP-address automatically" and the same is done for DNS, the second you need to enter the data manually, so just in case (ifyou have multiple connections) Please note that this menu is located at the "Start" - "control Panel" - "network control Center" - "adapter settings Change" (in the left menu) - your network connection (click PTP - "properties", andselect the "Protocol version 4").Now that you know how to configure the Internet on Windows XP and Seven.