How to set up internet on your smartphone ?

How to set up internet on your smartphone ?

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How to set up internet on your smartphone?

smartphone - a multimedia device that helps many people stay in touch and be informed.We'll talk more about how to set up internet on your smartphone.

Usually after installing a SIM card comes automatic Internet settings from your service provider.But even after their smartphone can not connect to the Internet until you have included additional options in the phone.

How to configure the Internet via Wi-Fi

Today many modern smartphones come with support for Wi-Fi.Here's how to customize Wi-Fi on a smartphone.

To set up a wireless network on your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the smartphone menu and select "Preferences."This menu contains the following tabs: «Wi-Fi», «Data transfer».Also, there is a tab "More".
  2. To turn the wireless network on your smartphone, select the check box next to "Enable Wi-Fi» function.Your smartphone will scan the process surrounding wireless networks.
  3. When selecting the tab «Wi-Fi» A list of available Wi-Fi networks., Click on "Update" to update them.You also have the ability to add your own Wi-Fi network.
  4. To connect to an available Wi-Fi network, you need to select it, enter the required password and click "Connect."Thereafter, the network will be preserved.

Mobile Internet

tab "Data transmission" ( "Settings" menu) you have the option to enable or disable mobile data.Mobile data - this is the mobile Internet.To turn it on your phone, follow these steps:

  1. The smartphone's menu, select the item «Settings» - & gt;"Data transfer".
  2. Near the column "Mobile data" tick.
  3. You can also set a limit of mobile data to download a certain number of megabytes.

Another tab "Data Transfer" provides detailed information about how many megabytes has been used for a certain period of time (data usage cycle).Also in this tab, you can see how many megabytes use a particular application.

Mobile networks

In the "More" tab (menu "Settings") has a section "Mobile networks"."Data transmission" Make sure there is a check mark next to the first tab.If the box is not displayed, it must deliver.The second tab "Data Roaming" is turned off by default.This connection to the data services roaming.The third tab - «(APN) access points."To use the mobile Internet based on GPRS technology (General Packet Radio Service - the packet data service), you must properly configure the access point APN.

Learn more about how to set up GPRS on your phone, you can in our article How to set up GPRS.You can not even register an access point in a smartphone.It is enough to ask for a mobile network operator, so he sent the Internet settings that will be automatically installed on your mobile device.

Using your smartphone as a modem

your smartphone, you can also use Internet tethering.To do this:

  1. The smartphone menu, select "Settings» - & gt;"More» - & gt;"Tethering".
  2. To use the modem via the access point Wi-Fi, it has to be set up.To do this, go to "Settings access point."You will need to enter the network name, security, and password.
  3. to the network was open, click on the «Open».
  4. To protect access to Wi-Fi network, select the WPA option - search, enter your password and click on the "Finish" button.
  5. Save all settings.
  6. After that, you can include a wireless access point.You will see that it is in an active state.

Now you know how to set up internet on your smartphone.To help you and other articles from our website: How to set up internet on Android and how to use a smartphone.