How VKontakte make a link ?

How VKontakte make a link ?

Many users of the site "Vkontakte" noticed interesting links in a variety of posts and comments.The site allows you to post links of various types for different pages.Since the contact to make a link?What kind are they?On the principles of recording and tools for working with reference now will be discussed.

easiest way to link FaceBook - it just copy it to the test field.If such a link you put in the comment field, the system will create a thumbnail page from the description, which is your link.If you insert a link to a note or signature on a photo or video, then it just becomes active and it will be able to move anyone.

Recording external links external links

recording method is a bit different from the way of internal records.Consider external links.As already mentioned, you can simply insert a link in the text, but it can give a more graphic look.Replace the reference word or a whole sentence is a snap.To do so, write the following form (example): [http: // / | Informative website about everything].We see that the record is in square brackets.Inside feature written before the link after features - a phrase that will be displayed instead of the link.

Link can replace not only text, but also pictures.Each image "Vkontakte" has the following name format: photo-xxxxxx_xxxxxx, where x - is the number.It can be obtained by right-clicking on the image via the menu item "copy the link to the image."Thus, the form of the links through the following picture: [[photo-xxxxxxx_xxxxxxx | 45px | http: // /]].45 - this size.You can specify any value, which will be suitable to your circumstances.

Short links

Also, the system has the ability to create quick links to the internal resources of the site.Their form of the following:

  • Link to user profile [[idhhhh | Name Surname]];
  • a group of [[clubhhhh | Group Name]];
  • for discussion [[topichhhh | Topic Title]];
  • Application [[apphhhh]];
  • on the picture [[photo-hhhh_hhhhh]];
  • to the user through the image [[photo-hhhh_hhhh | idhhhh]];
  • a group through the image [[photo-hhhh_hhhh | clubhhhh]];
  • on videotape [[video-hhhh_hhhh]].

Record anchors

Also on site "Vkontakte", you can use the anchor to jump to different points within a page.To do this, make the following entry: [[# title name on the page | link text]].To work correctly, the anchor must be present on the page header specified in the anchor text.

anchor can work not only within a single page.anchor installation form to an external page is as follows: [[Page Name # Title page | link text]].

Knowing how to contact you to link, you can create beautiful and pleasant to read entries.