How to connect TP-Link WR841N?

How to connect TP-Link WR841N?

Wi-Fi-router not only allows for home PC Internet without pulling wires, but also makes it possible to give access to the network to all devices with support for Wi-Fi in a pretty good radius.Given the fact that each user owns today a modern smartphone with a Wi-Fi or even a smartphone and a tablet, routers lately very popular.This article will explain how to connect and configure one of the most popular due to its reliability and excellent price Routers - TP-Link TL-WR841N.


TP-Link TL-WR841N is equipped with six connectors:

  • power connector;
  • WAN connector to connect the Internet;
  • four LAN connectors for a connection of the router to the computer.

To connect the router the user should:

  1. Connect the router to the power supply through the power connector.
  2. Connect to the WAN-connector cable internet, wound up in the apartment provider.
  3. Connect the computer LAN-connector with a LAN-connector modem via Ethernet-cable.

Network Setup

  1. Open any web browser and trying to drive into the address bar address - (in some cases -
  2. In the window that opens, specify the "User Name" - admin, "Password" - admin.
  3. Before you open the router's configuration interface - open the section "Network", hereinafter "WAN".
  4. Specify the network type "WAN Connection Type" - "Dynamic IP".Hit "Save".
  5. Open section "MAC Clone" and press the "Clone MAC Address" button.Hit "Save".

Configure Wi-Fi

  1. Go to the section "Wireless", indicate in the "Wireless Network Name" the name of the Wi-Fi network in the "Region" - Russia.Hit "Save".
  2. Open the tab "Wireless Security", tick the type of protection "WPA / WPA2-Personal".
  3. In the "Version" indicate "WPA2-PSK", "Encryption" - "TPK", "PSK Password" - to set a password.Hit "Save".

When you set up Wi-Fi, cable LAN-connector can be removed, now your computer and the router will connect by "air".Also now you can find the network with other devices that support Wi-Fi.

Reboot the system to secure the settings, you must restart the router for that go to the section "System Tools", hereinafter referred to "Reboot" and click the "Reboot" button.

That's all.As you can see, nothing complicated!Follow the instructions to configure the router, anyone can.

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