How to increase the speed of 3G-modem ?

How to increase the speed of 3G-modem ?

In recent years the development of technology is rapidly uphill.There are new tools and ways to get Internet service.One is the use of wireless communication with the global web of 3g via modem.Users of this service, there is a reasonable question, how is it realistic to increase the speed of 3g modem Megafon.So there is a wish among MTS users to increase the speed of 3g modem.Wireless Internet services are provided by different mobile operators in Russia.But regardless of the provider, people always want to find ways to increase the speed of 3g modem.

Causes weakening 3g modem signal

All these networks operate smoothly in the frequency range of 2 GHz.This requires direct line of sight to the base station for the successful propagation of radio waves.

Passing through the dense construction of high-rise buildings in the urban environment, the signal weakens a thousand times before it reaches the user's wireless modem.In the context of rural areas, despite the lack of buildings, so the signal is weak.This is due to the presence of large forest plantations and remote modem from the base station of the cellular operator.

During business hours weekdays base stations of cellular operators can be overwhelmed by so much that even with excellent signal reception remains extremely low speed.

Types signal amplifiers 3g modem

strengthen the wireless modem signal may be using the software and hardware.In the first case using software acceleration 3g modem.And in the second, used constructions of various technical devices for better signal reception.Let us examine each group separately funds.


  • How to increase the speed of the Internet modem 3g mobile operators using the software?This software is not hard to find on the Internet, but it certainly paid.No matter how much these excellent programs, so loudly advertised or cost, they will not solve congestion problems base station operators and their distance from your modem.
  • There is also a large number of online services that promise to speed up your wireless Internet connection.But despite a promising advertising, they only deal with traffic compression, which is not a real acceleration of nothing.

Technical means

In the case of hardware acceleration of wireless internet, there is a great probability of achieving the desired success.The main thing is to choose the appropriate method for your environment.

  • If your computer is on the ground floor, you can use the USB-modem extension cable to move closer to the window opening.This will improve the signal, and speed becomes a little higher.It is necessary in this case to consider that the cable must be no longer than five meters.When buying it should be guided by the rule: the longer the cable, the more it should be thicker.And, of course, should choose high-quality products, while avoiding cheap products.
  • For even better signal gain is better to buy a modem for 3G-directional antenna.When purchasing a need to pay attention to the fact that the lower the antenna pattern, the greater must be the gain.And much more effective if the cable length is small.If such an antenna will not give the desired results, it is necessary when connecting the cable to use a higher quality, for example, assembly 10D-FB.
  • You can also use active accelerator for improving the wireless modem signal.This 3g signal booster for cell phone.At the highest point of the building, where there is a computer, an external donor Mount the antenna on the roof or the wall.It is connected to an amplifier using a high frequency cable.As a result, antenna receives the signal amplified by the repeater and it is transmitted to the internal service antenna transmission signal to the subscriber.