How to increase the speed of WiFi ?

How to increase the speed of WiFi ?

Internet users, has just been connected and configured the WiFi router wirelessly distributing internet throughout the apartment, often ask the question: "Why dropped Internet speed?".Answer this question and the question of how to increase the speed WiFi Internet, we will in this article.

Measurement WiFi

rate Quite often, WiFi Internet speed is lower than the speed wired internet, and is different from the rate that is specified in the tariff plan.Speed ​​WiFi connectivity as well as internet speed is measured in megabits or kilobits per second (Kb / s, kbit / s, Kbps, Kb / s, Mb / s, Mbps, Mb / s, Mbit / s).Do not confuse them with other units of measurement megabytes and kilobytes per second.This data rate is a specific program, rather than the speed of the Internet.The ratio of these values ​​as follows: 1 byte is 8 bits.

To measure the speed of your internet connection, you need to take advantage of online services.They will do this automatically.First measured speed WiFi internet connection.Further WiFi turned off, the cable is inserted and performed the same measurements.If it turns out that speed when connected over a cable, so WiFi connection is really slow speed.

It turns out that the router is "cut rate".WAN-LAN routing is called speed or bandwidth.The parameters that are responsible for this function are designated as H. W. - HardWare and usually appear on the bottom of the router.If these figures do not correspond to the correct tariff plan, you have to change the machine to one which has a large capacity.WiFi Connection speed is also dependent on the type of connection to the Internet.

should be noted that the technical characteristics of the router, which are indicated on the unit or in its instructions are designed for ideal working conditions.In practice it turns out that the WiFi connection rate will be 2-3 times smaller than specified in the specification.General tips on how to increase the speed over WiFi:

  • provider must be chosen with a connection via DHCP.
  • The router must be installed in a location that would not shut and the thick beams were located as close as possible to the place where the device.
  • necessary to use a router and an adapter with a large capacity and maximum capacity.
  • Do not forget that if the home network is loaded with a variety of uploads, the page download speed is reduced.

Increase WiFi

speed How to increase the speed of WiFi router?Ways to improve the quality of WiFi few.They also apply to routers and equipment, receiving signals.The fact is that these devices have very small coverage area.It is sometimes difficult enough for the average home size.

  • In order to make the signal quality over a large area, it is best to use multiple routers.Combining them together, you can create multiple access points.In this connection cable to the Internet will remain one.
  • If this is not an option, you should try to increase the WiFi adapter coverage.For this antenna must be replaced.You can find its counterpart, but higher quality or enhance the antenna yourself.This can be done using a conventional piece of wire and the indoor antenna.
  • The ideal option would be to use the antenna 'cobwebs »:
    • necessary to remove the protective layer of the antenna router.
    • solder metal to a clean part.
    • Connect the other end of the lattice indoor antenna.

this method to increase the signal strength by 20-30%.Now the router and you can hide, the signal quality of this does not become worse.To gain admission WiFi USB-adapter, you will need an extension cord.System units are most commonly found under a table in the remote places.Accordingly, the signal level in these areas is not the best.It is better to buy a USB-extension cable, connect it to the computer and plug it into the WiFi adapter.The adapter must be placed in an open space, such as a desk.And finally, a few tips:

  • not be allowed to steal your WiFi.It is necessary to ensure its security using WPA password.
  • necessary to control the programs that can select Internet traffic.You can do this by using Quality of Service.
  • With DD-WRT or socket-timer, it is desirable to set the automatic reboot of the router.

In this article, you can find a suitable option for you, how to increase the speed of WiFi.Hopefully, that's what happened.