How to understand people ?

How to understand people ?

In our environment a sufficient number of people with whom we communicate and on which depends in one way or another.We are carefully studying the character, habits, assess the actions of these people.How to understand people - tell our article.


At the first meeting, we estimate the appearance of man.Suffice it a few seconds to realize pleasant to us or not.This action takes place on an unconscious level.But sometimes we are wrong, so it is important to evaluate the visual appearance in combination with other factors.

Pay attention to your posture and gait: confident man walks with a straight back, and with measured steps, while anxious or insecure man - hunched, mincing or stumbling gait.

important to assess the human eye.No wonder they say: "Eyes - the mirror of the human soul."On them you can read a lot.A person with a strong character, will look him straight in the eye.If he can not concentrate on your own view, it is likely that he has something to hide.


agree that one person we communicate easily and safely, and being in the company of another is disturbing on a shower.Even on a subconscious level, we decide how to deal with this or that person.Therefore, try to develop and listen to your intuition.For more information about how to develop your intuition - you can read the article by Steve Olson - Six ways to develop intuition.


If you set a goal to understand this or that person, then it should be done consciously.Communicating with a person does not forget about its mission and focus on it.Do not let the conversation to distract you from the task: do not forget about the observation and analysis.

Be careful when communicating

To know a person - it is important to listen and hear.Sincere interest in his life, ask questions.Everyone loves when they are interested.In such situations, you can learn about a person more.Find out what life is and what a man is interested.So, you can better understand the nature of the interlocutor.

Non-standard situations

human character is best manifested in an extreme situation.In ordinary life, most people wear masks.In the state of the dangers of people out of their comfort zone and not to act templates.There are revealed and the real value of a person.

human cognition through drawings

Many psychologists know their patients not only in communication, but also with the help of the drawing.You can take the example from them and looking at notes comrade, learn about it a little more.Read more about this method, read the article - If you want to understand people.

From this article you have learned the main points that need to pay attention when communicating.To know a person can take a year or more, and in order to have a good understanding of people - a lot of time.To do this, read a lot of literature, psychology tips, watch documentary films.

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