How to increase internet speed on the modem ?

How to increase internet speed on the modem ?

To be able to use the Internet in any place outside the home, many people buy a usb-modems from various mobile providers.Internet will be where there is cell tower.

However, often the speed of your Internet connection may be low.The rate of falls, where many of the same members, the walls of apartment bad pass or signal tower located at a considerable distance.

about how to increase the speed of the Internet through a modem, will be discussed in detail below.

How to speed usb-modem

In our country, on the Internet usb-modem provide MTS, Beeline, Megafon.Each company has its own rates, but the same modems.And, then, all variants will have the same ways of increasing speed.

consider them in detail.

How to increase the speed of the modem using a power strip

The easiest way to increase the transmission speed modems Megafon, MTS and Beeline - to use an extension cord.

To do this, you must buy a 2-3 meter usb-extension cable, which is inserted into the modem.We need to try to arrange a modem as high as possible and as close as possible to the window, which is usually the best signal reception.

is important to understand that most of the length of the extension will lead to periodic losses of communication with the modem.Therefore 2-3 meters - the best option.

How to increase the speed with the antenna

You can also make an antenna improvised or buy it at the store.Those who want to do everything with your hands, help this instruction:

  1. To begin with you will need a thick copper wire, which will serve as a receiving antenna signal.
  2. make it an eight.
  3. Solder her cable 70 Ohm.
  4. the other end of the wire free the central core and wrapped it around the modem.
  5. antenna exhibiting the window in the direction of your nearest mobile tower.If you do not know where she is, you can rotate the antenna until you find the maximum signal.

Another popular option is the antenna of the antenna cans of beer or coffee.Take a jar and is doing a hole in it for the modem.We place the modem in and connect to a power strip.The rate of increase due to this.

Increasing the speed of the Internet with the help of Wi-Fi router

For this method, you will need a router with usb-input or not, but then you will need a cable to connect the modem and the router.

The bottom line is that the router signal better catches than usb-modem, because it has an antenna.In addition, the router allows you to set up Wi-Fi connection.

most convenient location will place the router attic of your house, but if you use a router is not in the country, it is possible to place it closer to the window.

Connect modem to the router.It is also possible to use, as in the first method, an extension that will improve the result.After this will only set up Wi-Fi connection and enjoy the increased data rate.

Some other ways to increase the usb-modem data rate, you can also find in our article How to increase the speed of 3G-modem.