How to clean the air ?

How to clean the air ?

A good hostess all in the house should be perfect.Her room is not only clean and comfortable, and the air in it is always fresh.It is very important for the health of all households, because our environment leads us to the need to know how to clean the air in an apartment or office.

With the onset of heat, we strive to quickly open the window, remove the curtains and clean the dust from all the bins.It starts during the general cleaning, since the summer the amount of harmful substances in the room exceeds the congestion on the street.Unfortunately, only one harvest will not be enough, you need to constantly follow some rules that will help our lungs to breathe in full.

How to clean the air in the apartment

  • Shoes.Where not only tread our feet during the day.Shoes currently accumulate along the dust and dirt, just imagine how much bacteria on their lives.Remove the shoes in the hallway, as close as possible to the front door and stock up on slippers.
  • Periodic monitoring.Gas stove, boiler, fireplace - all sources of carbon monoxide.A dirty and malfunction, they release into the air unpleasant symptoms of the flu, so do not skimp on the experts, that they sometimes check your heaters.
  • fight against dust mites.Keep an eye on the humidity in the house.It should not be above 50%.Most change bed linen, use of pillows and mattresses special protective covers, which can not penetrate the dead skin particles - a treat for the microscopic parasite size.
  • water and humidity.Our bathroom - a breeding ground for insidious mold.If you do not want to hurt pulmonary and allergic diseases, install the hood, as the only one cleaning and tidying up the bathroom is not enough.Regularly ventilate the shower room is not less than 15 minutes.Immediately repair any fault with the plumbing, and if possible, swim with the window slightly open.
  • Natural components.Cleaning products (powders, sprays, gels, etc.) must be environmentally safe for health.The vast amount of cleaning fluids cause headache, nausea and irritation of the nose due to chlorine and ethylene glycol.This happens even with safety (ventilated room, put on the gloves).
  • trick candles.How to make the air cleaner?Change paraffin candles to candles made from soy and beeswax.They smoked less, and burn cleaner than paraffin.They wick should be made of cotton, so that the metal wicks are unsafe for health.Burning, they emit into the air droplets of moisture and microparticles - harmful substances that cause irritation of the respiratory tract and skin.
  • Windows wider.How can often open the windows, use the air conditioner, air purifier, no ventilation in your house will not be able to breathe freely.
  • Habit.Want to know how to keep the air clean?Say "no" to smoking.At least in the building.The walls are very quickly absorb cigarette smoke, so accustomed his family and guests to smoke in the stairwell, you will make a real feat in air purification.
  • toxins.If you decide to paint the walls, buy the paint with the smallest capacity of toxins.If you do not want to have your family or the allergy, do not take the paint polymers that produce harmful fumes.Our advice - acrylic, eco-friendly paint.
  • drives microbes.Which of household goods most accumulates a dust, dander, dirt?This carpets, sometimes containing synthetic substances, and toxins.These drives are also chairs, sofas, mattresses and electronics enclosures.From them you get rid of do not succeed, as opposed to carpets.Ideal - wooden floors and tiles.
  • assistant in the fight for a clean environment.Use air cleaners, given the area of ​​your room.Consult with the sellers, choosing an air cleaner, climatic complex or air cleaning.
  • Wet cleaning.Do not forget to do it as often as possible, ideally every day.This will not only make your floors sparkle, but also bring a welcome freshness.

plants, air-purifying

Let potted plants fill the air with oxygen.Bring them to your home or office, and they will certainly show their best side.Here are some of these plants:

  • areca palm.Suitable for any interior.With spreading leaves, perfectly softens the environment at home and office.Palma unpretentious, so very popular.
  • Rapis high.This plant is perfectly struggling with substances polluting the environment.It also does not capriciously and convenient in maintenance.
  • bamboo palm.Growing at this beauty, you will not only create the exotic atmosphere of the tropics, but also get rid of trichlorethylene, benzene and formaldehyde.Palma is highly resistant to pests.
  • rubber plant (Ficus robusta).It eliminates the formaldehyde and air pollutants.This plant is very appreciated in the Victorian era.It is adapted to the cool temperatures, it is satisfied with the dim light.Rubber plants remove toxins from any premises.
  • Dwarf date palm.It grows slowly, reaching a height of 150-190 cm. Decorate any house and will flourish for many years, where she will give a lot of room, not even looking at the poor lighting.Removes xylene and other contaminants.

Knowing all of these rules, as well as what plants purify the air, you can easily save your home clean, safe environment.