What is 3G?

What is 3G?

In the age of high technology, communication is not in place, it requires the emergence of more and more new technologies.It appears mobile communication of the third generation.What is 3G in our age of rapid?


3G - a high-speed mobile access to the Internet, radically new approach to communicate, access information.Users will be able to understand what the Internet 3G and now will not only communicate with his interlocutor, but also see him on the videophone.It is also possible to do business, to provide training and to learn, to watch movies, TV shows on your mobile phone.

important element in 3G services will become a business, mobile e-commerce - to pay for goods and services can also through the mobile phone.In addition, the program is being developed for medical diagnostics.

Commercial services require high-speed data transmission.In this regard, it is modernized mobile: instead of using narrow-band broadband data transmission.

technology IP

IP technology becomes the basis of mobile communication.This technology allows you to be constantly on-line mode, you pay only the received and transmitted information.Now it paid a call.

3G standards

There are 5 3G standards: IMT-2000 (DECT, UWC-136, UMTS / WCDMA, CDMA2000 / IMT-MC and TD-CDMA / TD-SCDMA (China's own) standard).Now mainly used two 3G standard: CDMA2000 and UMTS (or W-CDMA).CDMA2000 is common in Asia and the US, and UMTS - in Europe.

Currently in Europe, there are 3G network test options, and work in Asia and the US.But the most impressive successes in 3G made in Japan.

In the mobile communication systems of the third generation running the global unified standards:

  • voice quality comparable to wired networks,
  • communication security comparable to wired networks,
  • providing roaming,
  • support of local and international operators,
  • packet and circuit-switched,
  • efficient use of the frequency spectrum,
  • build-transfer speeds up to 2 Mbit / s,
  • interaction with satellite connection.

3G tablet

in order to understand what it means to the 3G tablet, you must have either a built-in 3G module, or connect to a 3G modem.

If the built-in plate, then simply purchase a SIM card, enter into a contract with the operator of the service to connect to the type plate, which is available.

If there is no 3G module, then the optional 3G modem and connect.Independently make it difficult, it is better that it engaged a specialist.

IPhone 3G

IPhone 3G - it's not only the name of the new device, but also the more memory, this GPS (geographically opportunity to see its location on a map), and the higher the speed of the internet.

Now you know what is 3G.Unfortunately, 3G is not available everywhere, but in the near future, this high-speed transmission, is sure to become available to all.