What is an account?

What is an account?

Any social networking (Classmates, VKontakte, Facebook, etc.) or other web-page requires certain actions of its users.What kind of action?

is necessary, first of all, create an account.Upon registration required login or e-mail address and password.Create an account in networking, which means "account".


English word appeared recently, the original designation in Russian - "bank account".Over time, it becomes more clear what it means to your account.Account - a collection of data on Internet users.Account contains a lot of information, as opposed to the login, which only identifies the user input to the desired site.This account stores all the information about Internet users.

Profile Account

The account profile may contain a lot more information.Besides the name, surname, age, profile provides information about preferences, interests.Need some information is often justified.By age can apply a variety of filters, including not allow children to enter inappropriate content.By interests: movies, music, cars, knitting, cooking and so on can be selected and adjusted advertising can be offered a group, community, etc.


When creating an electronic mailbox on the mail server creates your account.What is the postal address - e-mail?He created not only to obtain any information from other Internet users, but also for specially generated email with a link by clicking on which the registration is completed.Also tied-mail allows you to identify the visitor of the site.

Safety Account

Since the information in the network is open, anyone can get access to your account.So do not write in your profile all the information about yourself.Addresses, phone numbers, photos, statuses, comments - all of which can be in the hands of dishonest people.Even if the social network page is hidden, it does not mean that it is protected.Do not leave your online usernames and passwords, it can take advantage of third-party people.


account What type of account?Account is divided into two types: personal or commercial (business).If you are one type of account, but want to switch to another, you must first close the current, and then open a new one.

Personal Account - a personal Internet user page on the social networks.

on commercial account made both financial and technical operations.

opened its own online store, pre-registering it in an offshore zone, get free from business tax.

When connecting Merchant Account, you can accept payments from customers, clients across the Internet.«Merchant Account» - in translation from English means commercial, merchant account.Commercial Account allows you to accept payments only with plastic cards.

advantage of this account is:

  • monitoring and control of operations through the Internet
  • access to international customers and markets
  • opportunity to offer convenient payment options
  • instant online payment
  • significant increase in sales
  • ability to sell around the clock (24hours a day), year-round (365 days a year)
  • absence of taxes