What.Net Framework?

What is .Net Framework?

Today, we are with you, dear reader, try to understand computer technology from Microsoft.We'll talk about the platform.NET Framework, which was set up in the walls of the well-known developer of the Windows operating system, widely used around the world.

What is Microsoft.NET Framework

As we mentioned with the above ,.NET Framework - is a product of Microsoft.What is it?.NET Framework is usually determined as a software platform, which was released in 2002, is already known to us now.As a basis to create a platform Common Language Runtime environment has been taken that can carry both conventional programs and complex server-side Web applications.Also, the user has the ability to create a variety of programs in different programming languages ​​via.NET Framework.

believed that.NET Framework - a kind of response to Microsoft, creators of the world-famous JAVA applications.Principle and idea of ​​the work of these platforms are very similar.As JAVA ,.NET Framework is intended to be a single point of reference when creating different types of applications that need to run on different, in essence, devices in different environments.Another object of the developers of the platform was to keep the focus on the establishment of a system operating in operating decisions of Microsoft Windows.

Let's deal with Microsoft working principle.NET Framework.Suppose that we have a program that has been written in any supported.NET, language.The program code is compiled into an intermediate byte code.As a result of this operation, the developer receives the assembly (in terms of NET Framework -. "Assembly").After this byte code is executed by the virtual machine or by using a special utility NGen.exe reported actual target processor.The developers note that it is better to use a virtual machine, as in this case there is no need to worry about the hardware of the entire process.

Another advantage of using a virtual machine is that it is usually incorporated JIT-compiler that converts the run-byte code into machine code of a particular processor.This system works, developers reach a very high level of performance of the whole mechanism.And another invaluable advantage of using a virtual machine is as follows.The latter takes care of basic security, memory management and exception system, thus relieving the developer from unnecessary hard work.Here you also learned what.Net Framework.What

.NET Framework 4

This is the latest version of the platform, which includes the following new features:

  • System Parallel Extensions and Task Parallel Library, which allow you to work with multi-processor systems and split-type systems.
  • number of changes and innovations in Visual Basic and C #.
  • Technology Managed Extensibility Framework.
  • support programming languages ​​such as: IronPython, IronRuby and F #.
  • Support subsets.NET Framework and ASP.NET as a Server Core.
  • Support for Code Contracts.
  • Create object-oriented languages ​​and models based on M Oslo modeling tools and languages.

Many modern users must have been hard to read this article on.NET Framework, due to its content of incomprehensible computer terms.However, we believe that those who have at least something understands programming, found for themselves the right information.