What is a CMS?

What is a CMS?

decided to create your own website?This case is very interesting, though difficult.What is a CMS?- A fairly common question, which are defined as ordinary netizens and novice creators sites.CMS assumes under its abbreviation: "Content Management System", which means "Content Management System".CMS - a special program that is installed on the hosting site.


functions it performs two main functions.The first - is to show users of the website page, forming the contents of ready-made templates with content design.There are separate designs (templates) and there is a separate set of different materials - images, text, documents MSOffice / PDF, archives of files, etc.CMS creates the page to the user immediately at the time of the request, trying to do it as quickly as possible.To process the highest number of requests per unit of time, CMS protects data from unscrupulous users, protects the database from spammers and does in the background a lot of extra work required for the normal functioning of a modern website.Modern CMS have an abundance of technical capacity in the creation of dynamic web resource, without which no longer do.

The second function is to help the site owner does not have the skills to manage this site.That is, to engage in news publication, new pages, make references to external resources, upload videos, etc.To edit any page, the administrator is available visual editor that allows to format text, insert images and links, and just watch how it will look with a stay on the site.Thus, the editor can by adding, deleting or editing the pages of your site, to change its structure arbitrarily.

So we figured you what CMS.The most popular CMS now include the Data Life Engine (DLE), CMS Drupal, Php-Nuke, E107, Joomla, WordPress.Its ease of use, rightly highlighted Joomla and WordPress.Joomla has a lot of extension modules and functionality is absolutely free.WordPress is considered the world's best free CMS for blogging.