What 's DHCP?


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What's DHCP?

you might encounter with a DHCP acronym for the study of Internet terminology.Consider what it is and what DHCP functions are performed in the Internet.This abbreviation stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.DHCP - the network protocol by which the computer receives information about IP-address, and other data in an automatic mode.

standard of the protocol adopted in 1993 is the current version of the March 1997, which is described in REC 2131. The new version, used in IPv6, called DHCPy6 - it was created in July 2003 and identified in the REC 3315.

AsIt is running DHCP?

DHCP protocol work is based on a "client-server".Here, the network load or tasks are distributed between the suppliers - servers - and customers - customers.The server and client are software, they interact with each other via a computer network using the UDP protocol.

IP-addresses are allocated in three ways:

  • Manual.The administrator assigns a particular IP-address to the hardware address individual client computer.The address information is stored on a central server, so it can easily be changed if necessary.
  • Automatic.IP-addresses are distributed randomly between computers.
  • Dynamic.It acts in the same way as the automatic, but the address is issued for a specific period of use.After the expiration of address becomes free again, you need to request a new client.

Options DHCP

addition to IP-addresses, DHCP may be other additional parameters needed for the operation, - the DHCP option.Among them are, for example, the subnet mask, the IP-address of the router, DNS server address, domain name.

Implementing DHCP

Microsoft for the first time launched a DHCP server in Windows NT 3.5 system in 1994 With Windows 2000 Server, the server can update the DNS records to make a dynamic way.

December 6, 1997 Internet Systems Consortium released the ISC DHCP Server.In June 1999, it released version 2. 0, approximate to the standard.

At the moment, there are different implementations of the server on Windows as separate programs, the DHCP function.

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