What is DLNA?

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What is DLNA?

In our world, the modernized equipment is becoming more intelligent and developed.Ordinary players and TVs not only support various formats, but also have new features that allow you to connect on a local network.

More recently, the downloaded content from the network needed to maintain certain optical media, or use the advanced catalog and connect the TV to the computer.All these methods were relevant before the world is not yet known what dlna.

technology dlna

word ┬źdlna┬╗ - this is a common abbreviation that stands with the English language, as the Digital Living Network Alliance (Alliance digital home networks).This project has solved all the problems that have caused some inconvenience to use and downloading content.With this set of standards the opportunity to both transmit and receive music, pictures and video over a home network between compatible devices.Furthermore, the content can be displayed in real time.

dlna other words - it is such a technology that allows you to connect home computers, mobile phones and smartphones, laptops and tablets, as well as other electronic equipment into a single digital network.

For example, if you want to watch a movie downloaded from the Internet and burn it to disk, you can use technology dlna.Moreover, this development allows even print photos without using a computer.But this can be done only if the devices are compatible with such standard.

To be able to use dlna needed to devices in the home to support this specificity.Transmitting various content media can be local area network, referred to as IP-network.To connect the device, combined with dlna to the IP-based network, you can use either wirelessly WI-FI, and wired - Ethernet.

This technology is specifically designed for users who do not possess any special technical knowledge.To integrate a variety of devices in a network to share your media, you can use the automatic mode.

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