What is FTP?

What is FTP?

you are a new user of the network?So, you need the information available in plain language about the terms related to the Internet.Today we will touch on the topic FTP File Transfer Protocol.

protocol FTP

So, what is FTP?You've probably already guessed that this is a certain reduction of the English language.FTP stands for because: File Transfer Protocol, which is a file transport protocol.This protocol is needed so that the information transmitted from one computer to another over a network.Suppose you have access to the Internet - it will mean that you have access to a wealth of information in completely different parts of the network.

With the FTP protocol, you can send and receive a variety of files.Their size depends only on the channel width.How it works?There are entire FTP-server, simply put the computers that are connected to the Internet.They are located on the hard drive huge volumes of data: movies, games, software, music, and more.


So, what is FTP, you understand.But to use the FTP protocol will require FTP-client that will connect to the FTP-server, that is, to the computer from which you want to download the files, or, conversely, to upload.With anonymous FTP has the ability to connect to the server with the data, while not having an individual username and password.Typically, the login uses the word "anonymous", but in the password field, enter their e-mail.


There are different programs to work with FTP.We recommend a good free FTP-client: FileZilla.Through this in FTP-Manager person will be able to work (download or upload) with the data of different of FTP-servers.The advantages of this program are: user-friendly, intuitive and beautiful interface, sufficient capacity and compliance with different operating systems.

As for most of the FTP protocol, it is very convenient because it has the ability to "resuming" file, if the connection is suddenly cut short.While FTP-server must support this capability dokachivat data, but at the moment almost all the servers have it.Well, if you use the program filezilla, which we recommend, then it definitely supports "resuming", without all sorts of errors, a very convenient way.