What if you humiliate ?

What if you humiliate ?

cases of "humiliated and insulted" in our time.Children ask: "humiliated at school: what to do?"Change school, truant, receive education at home?Or what if humiliates husband - a loved one, which must be protected, respected and valued?I think in this case, it is worth considering whether the person next to you!In any case, you can not take the humiliation, it is psychological trauma, which can lead to serious disorders, neurosis.Therefore it is very important to learn how to react to it, while maintaining a sense of self-worth.

Some are closed in a similar situation, just back down, "at - ostrich" "burying its head in the sand!"Other snap, rude response, ride up.Behavior and those, and others only exacerbates the difficult situation, the person produces inappropriate behavior, can not build a dialogue with others.The result - a handicap, "broken person" - devoid of self-esteem, self-actualization.

But there is a third way, a wise, proven, the path that has helped many to get rid of humiliation and be, not to appear full-fledged personality!Let's see, what to do if you are humiliated.

Let's think logically: what is the purpose of man, another humiliating?- Suppress your dignity in their own eyes and in the eyes of others, to assert itself in this way.Do not let the offender to reach their goal!Be confident in yourself, moderately proud, do not lower yourself to his level: do not respond, try to keep composure.If you are self-sufficient, if you have good friends, loved ones, with which you quickly and comfortably, if you have hobbies, interests, your life is actively and vigorously - continue to enjoy all of this, and the one who humiliated you, takeindulgently.You are a step above the man!Seeing that you failed to humiliate (the goal is not reached), this person will stop the insults.

If this option does not suit you, you can not pull a hand wordlessly inflicted hurt - do not be silent!Boldly, confidently look in the man's eyes and respond in a calm voice.But!Whether in school, on the street or at home, no matter who is in front of you - a colleague or boss, of the same age or older than you in age, be polite, do not allow rudeness on your part.You will see, you will no longer dare to demean, humiliate people because of the weak, uncertain, timid.Show that you are a person, you should be ashamed!And try to forgive this man, his aggression, because he had just observed deviations.

We wish you an honorable way out of any situation and not to put up if you are humiliated!