How ill anorexic ?

Thinness is now practically standard fashion.How many women seek this fashion fit and sit on all sorts of diets, starving, take drugs, or pace yourself physically demanding!Someone keeps sanity and thus is able to stop in time, someone carries less and their desire to lose weight in any way turns into anorexia nervosa.

Anorexia is considered fashionable disease, many are wondering how ill with anorexia, but that's about the consequences of people do not think.

What is anorexia actually

Anorexia - a mental illness, in fact, is obsessive, pathological desire to lose weight, a distorted perception of their own body and other people's figures.Anorexia occurs in those whose mind is originally unstable and vulnerable.Most are teenagers, people with weak nervous system and neurotic.

anorectics are not able to adequately assess their body, they always believe that they are fat, fat and ugly, but true beauty comes only with thinness.As they evaluate the thinness and attractiveness of someone else, in this case self imposed most stringent requirements.Anorectics does not notice how his body is changing, he sees himself on a non-existent fat and will not stop in their quest to lose weight ever.For anorectics refusal to eat is like a drug.It does not have brought him pleasure, and weight loss for him - a real buzz.A overdose, and in fact, and in either case may result in death.

As a person becomes ill anorexia

How ill anorexic?First you need to have a predisposition to mental disorders, then you need to consider themselves terribly disgusting fat and ugly person and have a cult of thinness in your mind, and then left to refuse food, deplete your body, turn into skeleton and die before they reach 30.

Those who say: "I want to be ill with anorexia," often do not realize what is happening to the body.This is not an ideal diet pills that simply helps to lose weight, this is a serious disease.

  • First, the body takes the excess fat, it would seem - here it is happiness, it is time to stop, but anorectics do not see and believe that nothing has changed, and he was terribly fat.
  • then takes all the fat with a healthy complexion go with him, butt, chest, figure becomes flat, clothing hangs, missing periods, there are hormonal disorders.
  • Then he starts to walk away muscle mass, no longer hangs clothes, hanging skin, which was empty, and she had nothing to fill.From this stage, treatment can not be saved.
  • atrophied internal organs then - one by one they fail, because they do not need a host.And then comes the death from exhaustion.

Anorexia - it is not cold, it does not cure the tablets, and the harm that it causes the body, sometimes too large.

If you go to lose weight, it is better dieting, work out or become infected with worms, it will not harm you as a mental disorder, which would not be able to thinness.

If you want to get sick from anorexia because it is fashionable and stylish, it is best to follow the fashion in another way, or simply choose another stellar way to commit suicide.Beautiful and popular from anorexia are treated in hospitals, do you have any money on her?Do you have time to save before your weight and age will be the same?

If you need to attract attention and get care, you can just ask about it.Go to the person and ask them to spend time with you, do not force him to visit you in the hospital do not expect that enthusiastically will enjoy how you beg to eat.Be honest, do not manipulate.

If you do not like your body, better work on it - sports, dance, useful diet.There are many ways to change yourself, do not go the easy way, because it does not lead you to anything good.