How to get sick soon?

How to get sick soon?

To start to define more precisely asking ... Are you interested in how you can quickly get sick and really want?Or do you just need to draw the disease, to believe everything, and allowed you to relax for a while?These are different things, and we must pursue them in different ways.

How sick quickly, creating the illusion

Here we look at how to make everyone around you believe in what you are ill.Make it pretty simple.A way to complete, after many generations hoarded these methods, invented new and new techniques.

  1. easiest way, but not giving a lot of symptoms of the disease, is the use of conventional pepper.Smell pepper and you will sneezing so that anyone be frightened by your side.
  2. Girls advised his girlfriend to rub his eyes with painted eyelashes mascara to hit them.Of course, your eyes will be very unpleasant, and no one said that "ill cold" easily.Ink splashed in the eyes, will create the effect that they will tear like the common cold.
  3. Prepare home in the early evening the day before.Tell me that much dizzy, and you feel weak.Lie down on the bed already 6-7 hours, go ahead, watch television, the main thing - it compel!In the morning wake up and get caught the eye of an adult with a limp, terribly sour face, give up breakfast.Argument is that the sick and dizziness passes.You can even sit on the toilet floor an hour late for the first lesson, explaining that it is not he reaches school.Let all your movements will be slow and sluggish.
  4. Create the effect of temperature will help your own forehead, hot hairdryer, and a thermometer, a hot light bulb.
  5. Grate garlic armpits is not the best option, as the smell is still the same ... the temperature will jump effect common salt.Quickly sick for an hour can be, rubbed salt armpits and measuring the temperature of the thermometer.
  6. country loses you an actor?Then this method is exactly for you - be ill and spend time having fun!To take care that the bolt was in the bathroom and a bucket of water, and the house was someone from the parents.Come to the parents say that terribly sick, ask for tablets.and then abruptly run into the bath, closes it, and water from a bucket.You can publish relevant vomiting sounds.
  7. Someone sniffing detergent before the arrival of the doctor and asks how sick colds.Doctor have to say that before going to bed temperature was 38, and now a bad cold.Sneezing sure you will, and his eyes filled with tears.
  8. easiest way for those who have gastritis or other problems with the gastrointestinal tract.Lie down on the bed, his feet pressed against the stomach and moaning about how much to grab.You can describe the pain like this: let it, it hurts again.And the pain is so severe that straighten hard.
  9. Another way to quickly allegedly ill known to many students.On a piece of sugar or bread drip iodine.After eating it, the temperature rises quickly, but not for long.The temperature will fall quickly, but you control the dangerous postponed.

How sick quickly and permanently

And who just need to really hurt, when there are so many ways to pretend to be sick!After all, how disgusting treatment of the disease, experience all the symptoms of the disease.And the most terrible, no one knows how this time will result in a disease and what complications can give, injuring you for life.

Someone kisses ailing man, wanting to get sick.And it does not even know what kind of a virus picked up "assistant".Someone eating the ice with his own freezer and has no idea how difficult it is to get rid of a sore throat.Others go into a hot bath, and then stand in front of an open window in winter.Do not envy then such people ...

In general, think of those who would have given anything just to get well and continue his life.After all, it is we have only one.