How to get the flu ?

How to get the flu ?

What schoolboy ever any thought about the question as the flu, to arrange a unplanned vacation and break from school after learning has for so long, the lessons are already tired and cool just a beast.I hope that every reader will understand for yourself that this is just an article, not a guide to action!

As the flu?

begin with, that the sick within a few hours is not possible to anybody, well, of course except for people with weakened immune systems and very poor health.In other cases, as a rule, do not allow the forward-looking mom and try especially on the eve of spring to push their children in more vitamins and other drugs imunopovyshayuschih that you were Zdorovenki.As the flu: the simulator or the patient?

feigning illness:

feign illness - ideal for idleness in the number of training days, but here it all depends on your acting ability and to the extent you believe the parents.Proceed who, no matter how do you know all the weaknesses of your parents in relation to itself.Parents always easier to cheat, but if it comes to a trip to the doctor ?!Well if your school system practice notes from parents when skipping to a few days of training due to the patient's head, sore throat, slight poisoning, temperature, stomach ailments and other weaknesses.In such cases it is possible to persuade a caring mother assuring her that just need to rest in bed at home, but what do you do if you still forbidding parents drag you to the doctor - in every way I can assure that in a couple of days, you already get better, and the bad doctor put you in the hospital yetfor a week and you miss a lot of school curriculum - of being a diligent student worries about his performance always wins.

As the flu, not rooting them if all the trip to the doctor is inevitable:

  • options cause the snot is not so little, the main thing is not to overdo it: pepper in the nose or detergent is required to provide you with a good sneeze snot and abundant;
  • sore throat can be faked, if you eat red candy or lollipop;
  • replacing thermometer, the method is very risky, but true;if you know that your doctor is exactly the same as you have a thermometer, you can easily replace it with its temperature already pre-prepared on it, but do not forget a healthy human temperature of 36.6, and is considered to be increased above 37 all of which meansyou do not necessarily make up for the thermometer to 40, in such a case, the doctor will give you a new thermometer.

Cheer the present:

If you still do not feel sorry for his health and nerves of his parents and in spite of all common sense, is not a desire to shirk a couple of days and a couple of weeks, then you here.How to get the flu in the present?It's very simple, the usual chill or have contact with the sick person:

  • often Stay tuned to have picked up the flu and other illness will not take long;
  • iced drink on hot body will always do their job, whether it be cold juice after a hot tea or a cool fruit drink after exercise;
  • after bathing can always jump on the draft, or to stand at the open window, but do not forget that it is fraught with not only the flu, but also an opportunity to pick up a much more serious disease, such as meningitis and other equally serious diseases.

If, however, after various manipulations you are still healthy, do not worry, the symptoms often begin to appear immediately, but after a few days or even weeks.And if you do not get sick, it can only be glad that you have such a good immunity.