How sick for 5 minutes a week ?

How sick for 5 minutes a week ?

When I hear the phrase "I have to get sick," I find myself a little shocking.The desire to get sick remotely resembles desire to commit suicide.Having read various forums, I found the following.Students who do not want to learn and take the blows, "the fate of the school", elected a strategy of avoiding failure.Is our school system brings people to "almost" a suicide ... I want to believe that this is not so.

But in the article it goes on my shock reactions.The purpose of the article - to show ways in which sick for 5 minutes a week.Let's see what we can do.

get sick for a week at home

There are a huge number of useful tips on how to quickly get sick.And they are very effective.But remember, if you still managed to get sick, using our article information, immediately begin treatment.

  • Wash your head and go outside for a walk - most likely a cold, but it could be meningitis, ie, inflammation of the brain membranes - a very serious disease.
  • To get hard and intractable cough, you need to burn plastic and breathe the fumes - get the temperature to 39 degrees, and gas poisoning - there is not far to the grave.
  • Engage in active exercise for a while, enough to sweat.You can then go out into the cold for a while in the same clothes - get colds, flu, any inflammation etc.
  • method, similar to the previous -.. After a shower, steaming to go outside - like effects.
  • can poison a variety of ways, for example, stale drink cherry juice - poisoning gastric ulcer, gastritis, and a lot of problems you provided.
  • There are a clever way to fool the doctor.Drink two to three cups of coffee, and then call the doctor's home, stating that you have high blood pressure.Doctors - people cautious.Surely you will register a half weeks off from school.But remember, by such a large number of coffee can be very seriously affected the heart.
  • return again to the cooled procedures.Seshte ice cream, and then chew a strong mint gum, ice cream and again seshte - effect as a red sore throat is provided to you.
  • Do not do anything with your body.Just push the thermometer and the temperature of the battery itself with the pleasures run upstairs.Cheating relatives - the worst thing you can do.
  • pretty well-known method.Put a drop of iodine on a piece of sugar and seshte.The result - a huge temperature, which can be in the intensive care unit.
  • In the cold make 50-60 big breaths.Minimum - red sore throat.Maximum - death from pneumonia.
  • go to sleep at night with the window open and the draft.In the morning - cold symptoms.
  • Take an ordinary pencil and remove the little lead.Seshte lead.After a while you feel the temperature of forty degrees and quickly in intensive care.
  • You can swim in any body of water.It is desirable in the cold season.Or just a night.The result can be imagined.
  • Some advised to use persimmons with milk.On the results is unknown, but I believe that they are more than deplorable.
  • Try to catch the virus.Surely in your environment you have a couple of people who suffer from a kind of flu.Ask them to sneeze on you.Flu - this is a very dangerous disease, as complications afterwards absolutely unpredictable.

no secret that health jokes usually end up very unpleasant.If you do not know how sick for 5 minutes a week, you will not even recognize.You do not want to deal with what is in front of you - directly and openly bragging about it.Your body is not obliged to tolerate the foolish actions by your immature mind.Remember!Health - is the only real that we have.The rest - this is an illusion.

" If you can not find the time to relax, you will soon have to find time to treat ."(John Ueynmeyker)