How to get sick over night?

How to get sick over night?

Ill always possible.But to do this specifically - it is rather strange.With confidence we can say that a person looking for a way to get sick, not able to overcome the obstacles that life puts him.Do not get sick, dear reader.Try to overcome themselves and cope with the challenges.Ill once, you can remain a cripple for life.

Aiming article, we describe the behavior that can lead to disease in a relatively short period of time.

How sick per night - ways

There are a huge number of useful tips on how to quickly get sick.And they are very effective.But remember, if you still managed to get sick, using the information of this article, then immediately start treatment.

  • Wash your head and go outside for a walk - most likely, you will be cold, but it could be meningitis, ie, inflammation of the brain membranes - a very serious disease.
  • To get hard and intractable cough, you need to burn plastic and breathe the fumes - get the temperature to 39 degrees, and gas poisoning - there close to the grave.
  • Engage in active exercise for a while, enough to sweat.You can then go out into the cold for a while in the same clothes - get colds, the flu, some inflammation, etc.
  • method, similar to the previous one - after a shower, flushed, go outside - like effects.
  • can poison a variety of ways, for example, stale drink cherry juice - poisoning gastric ulcer, gastritis, and a lot of problems you provided.
  • There are a clever way to fool the doctor.Drink two to three cups of coffee, and then call the doctor's home, stating that you have high blood pressure.Doctors - people cautious.He probably will prescribe you a half weeks off from school.But remember, by such a large number of coffee can be very seriously affected the heart.
  • return again to the cooled procedures.Eat ice cream, and then chew much-mint gum and eat ice cream again - the effect as a red sore throat is provided to you.
  • Do not do anything with your body.Just push the thermometer to the battery, and the temperature is very happy to run upstairs.Cheating relatives - the worst thing you can do.
  • pretty well-known method.Put a drop of iodine on a piece of sugar and eat.The result - a huge temperature, which can be in the intensive care unit.
  • In the cold make 50-60 big breaths.Minimum - red sore throat.Maximum - death from pneumonia.

We very much hope that you will be able to not get sick during the night, and be able to overcome ourselves and find the strength to deal with life's difficulties.