How to get sick and do not go to school ?

How to get sick and do not go to school ?

There were days when I go to school would not be desirable.The control to which is not ready, the terrible event or conflict with classmates, all is certainly not happy, and you just want to stay home.

way how to get sick and do not go to school, a great many, but there are two basic ways to solve this problem: to feign illness or actually sick.And although the second method is more reliable, but it can lead to consequences that you did not expect: planned to stay home for a day and stayed in the hospital for a month droppers;would cause nausea, I landed in the hospital with poisoning and had to do a gastric lavage (this procedure is not pleasant).

How to feign illness in order not to go to school

  • the temperature measurement can be applied to a thermometer bulb, or a dip in hot water, but do not overdo it, 37.2-37.4 enough to stay at home, but 42 will cause a strong suspicion;and if the parents are very gullible - a real panic.
  • can rub armpits salt, in this case it is possible to measure the temperature directly with the parents and they do not notice, and on the thermometer temperature is high.
  • In addition to the previous methods to become more convincing, you can heat the hair dryer or heater forehead, it helps if the parents decide to first check the temperature of your own (literally and figuratively).
  • can drip on a cube of sugar refined iodine droplet, the temperature will rise again, but the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you can have seriously poisoned.

How to get sick really

So, if you think your parents did not believe in a simple simulation, and decided to securely and firmly and not be ill to go to school, then it's your responsibility, and yours alone.By doing so, there is a risk that you are seriously ill and will spend a lot of time in the hospital, so no need to walk the walk with wet hair or drink boiling oil, it means more to suicide than to skip school.Safer ways to get sick for 5 minutes a week:

  • cold drink in the heat - you can catch a cold or chill throat.
  • eating ice cream on the street - maybe ice cream would have to eat more than you used to, and quite quickly.The effect is amplified if the weather outside or already cold, or, on the contrary, the heat and the scorching heat.
  • stand in the wind - again a cold or sore throat, but take care of the ears, if I sell them, an inflammation of the inner ear have to be treated for a long time and in a hospital.
  • Plenty to shout - ohripnesh and be sore throat.
  • wet feet while walking - actually fall and spring.

Whichever method you choose, be careful, and it is better not pain.