How to break a leg ?

How to break a leg ?

anything can happen in life, and sometimes even a questionable entertainment as a broken leg, may be useful.Also you need to know this in order to avoid fracture.

What are fractures

  • closed fracture - when it can not see anything and everything hidden inside, that is, the top is covered with broken skin and muscles.
  • Open fracture - when the bone sticking out, that is, a broken bone breaks through the skin and muscle tissue.
  • displaced fracture - when the injury occurred as a result of displacement of the bone and to the right it has fused, it is necessary to put in place.
  • crack in the bone - it is usually a little damage, which, however, also requires peace.At the crack of plaster is applied also to the recovery took place right at the foot did not load.

How to painlessly break a leg

There are several ways:

  1. most correct and effective way - to turn to professionals.The trauma doctors have to break the arms and legs, which are not properly fused.There you will be given pain medication and make a neat fracture, and then immediately impose a plaster.Of course, this method will cost you a certain amount.But you can be sure that everything is correct srastetsya.
  2. shot up analgesic can be at home.If you have a medical degree, or you know how to do injections, you can do it yourself.When you feel that the leg was numb, hit her with something on top stronger.As an option - pinch the door.
  3. If a medicine you are not familiar, you can try folk remedies.The goal is still the same: to achieve insensitivity feet.To do this, you can try it to "freeze".Wet a towel and put it in the freezer.When it freezes, they wrap the leg and leave for a while to foot "froze."When you stop to feel the cold, anything at all, hit a very leg or foot about anything.
  4. Another way to numbness - to stop the flow of blood.To do this, wet a towel tightly wrapped leg.Very tight, to giving all the veins and arteries.When the foot begins to turn blue and you will be difficult to move it, hit it lightly.

After all these procedures, how to know if a broken leg?

Symptoms of a broken leg

  1. pain.At the turn of the pain is just a hell.If you first made insensitivity, then as the "thawing" or blood flow, the pain will be stronger and stronger.
  2. Disability.Set foot on a broken leg can not.You understand - the bone is broken, leg, it will not be able to keep.It hurts to even set foot on the floor with your fingers.
  3. tumor.fracture napuhnet place necessarily, since there is a inflammation, white blood cells and try to "neutralize" breakage.
  4. If you crack, then step on the leg you can.But still there is a strong aching pain and discomfort when walking.

But it's best not to break his legs.In old age all the broken bones very much hurt, delivering a lot of inconvenience to people.Try to do without injury and stay healthy!