How to break your nose ?

How to break your nose ?

scars are known to decorate the face of a man.Aquiline nose, resulting in a fight, talking about excessive dust and male power.Know how to break the nose, also need to defeat an opponent in combat.

Methods nasal fracture

  1. injury in battle.If you hit on the nose or hold an uppercut from below or from the side, the nose is broken.Sidekicks cause more severe damage.The intensity of the injury depends on the force of impact.Himself a blow to spend quite difficult, because the survival instinct would not allow themselves to put severe injury.On the other hand, in a state of extreme intoxication, everything is possible.
  2. technical damage.The nose is easy to break in a collision with the airbag in the car.During the crash cushion flies toward a speed of 300 km / h.Inert collision at this speed even with a soft surface leads to severe damage.Soften the blow can harness.
  3. Domestic injury.There are nasal fractures and when dropped or bumped against something hard.But again - the instinct of self-preservation does not allow you to consciously and independently cause serious injury to themselves.Broke his nose about something you can just suddenly when the body does not have time to react.For example, in a dream or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Symptoms How do you know if the nose is broken?Assist the following symptoms:

  • bleeding.The vessels in the nose are very weak, so the bleeding will almost always.
  • Violation breathing.With the fracture it is difficult to breathe because of the swelling and bleeding.
  • pain.Touching the broken nose as painful as in other fractures.
  • Changing the shape of the nose.At the turn of the offset, one can see that the nose is bent.
  • nose swelling and bruising around the eyes.

First Aid

If you broke your nose, apply cold, and try to stop the bleeding.In no case do not attempt to stop the bleeding - only make worse.Urgent contact to the emergency room.

Try to do without fractures and remember that the consequences can be very dire.