How to configure Yandex .Direct ?

How to configure Yandex .Direct ?

The effectiveness of online advertising, no one doubts.Especially popular in the field of advertising on pages "Yandex" and its partner sites.But usually for beginners there are many questions concerning how to properly configure Yandex.Direct and to make the announcement.So, where do you start?

How to configure Yandex.Direct: Tips

first step is to register - registering an account in the directives that you can start customizing and plan your advertising budget.On Direct you will need to press the button - "Post Ad".The system will offer two versions of the work - an easy and professional.It is better to choose the second, it ensures enhanced campaign performance, and the "light" version of many of the actions will be carried out automatically.

Then click "Start using the service" - this action you run the wizard to create your ad.In the "Company Name" will need to enter your name, or select it from the proposed list, adjust the start and end dates, as well as to specify the address to send the notifications.Also keep in mind the following features:

  1. you will not pay for impressions and clicks - that is, for each potential client that enters an ad on your site.Price expose yourself, but the minimum - 0.01 USD.
  2. you can "snap" campaign in the region.Yandex search uses about 50 million people, and to effectively spend the budget, it makes sense to "tie" your ads to any region, province, city.Then it increases the likelihood that visitors coming to your site, and will be your customer.
  3. Your ad can be displayed in a certain period of time.Yandex.Direct offers a comfortable setting - your company's ads can appear only in these hours when you can quickly help the client, for example, during working hours.
  4. You can customize the issuance of ads on niche sites.This feature allows you to show your ads on search, not only markets, but also on thematic Internet resources, which increases its efficiency.

In addition, implemented the ability to independently control the thematic and search engine advertising in directives.This allows you to fine-tune advertising campaigns.For example, you can assign a cost per click on the thematic platforms, regardless of the price of such a finding.You can even opt out of the search by focusing only on the thematic resources.Or, using the setting of "Prohibited area", adding those that you do not want showing your ads.

Writing advertisement

After setting up an account you will need to create an ad.Most advertising texts indicated price and the region - it allows you to weed out non-target audience.Also make sure that the link of the ad is the exact URL within your website that describes the product or service offered.

Do not forget to specify the maximum text.For example, if you select the keyword 'flat' your ads will appear to those who want to buy, sell, rent or lease an apartment for rent.If you choose a key phrase "apartment", it will help eliminate a lot of untargeted traffic and improve efficiency, which in turn saves time and money in the management of advertising in Yandex.Direct.